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Often, people who receive a DUI or DWI, need to complete so many hours of counseling. Our trained staff works with people through group therapy sessions. Group therapy is a great way to connect with other people who are going through similar situations. People who are not in recovery might not understand how hard it is for you to reject using drugs and alcohol, but speaking within a group of people who do understand can help you realize that sobriety is possible and you are not the only one who struggles with an addiction. Call today to speak with a substance abuse treatment specialists who can give you more information about our Portland facility.
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  • Website: abtrs.com
  • Licensed, insured and bonded
  • Year established: 2009
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1122 NE 122nd Ave a102
Portland, OR
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(503) 406-4434
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A Better Todayís industry-leading, fact-based research and techniques provide our clients a life-long lasting solution. We utilize a multitude of different therapies that have been proven to work in lives of many addicts. Our therapists all have a Masterís Level, or higher, education that is specialized in addiction counseling and co-occurring disorders.

We treat addiction according to the disease model. We work directly with the client to develop a personalized treatment plan that is based on the their needs. We understand that addiction affects each individual in a different way, and there is not a one size fits all treatment for addiction. We work diligently in providing our clients with the necessary coping skills to live a life of recovery.

We understand that seeking help for a drug or alcohol problem can be a terrifying idea. We are here to make your substance abuse treatment as comfortable as possible. Our staff are caring and understanding since most of them have backgrounds that include overcoming addiction. Donít let the problem get any worse, get the help you need for A Better Today.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
A Better Today has helped me grow into a better person and I have seen the same for many other men and women.
ByThomas Pinedo
Testimonial #2
Such an amazing place! They treat people with dignity and respect and that's alot more than I can say about others facilities in the valley, I highly recommend them.
ByNathan Cilley
Testimonial #3
After failing my first attempt of trying to get sober at another facility I decided to give it one more shot before completley giving up. I am so glad for the amazing people like Mike who work there and helped me to understand that I have to keep working at this like it is a disease that is incurable. I have been able to stay connected and today I have 65 days sober! Thank you ABT
ByWinston Hensley
Testimonial #4
Amazing experience. They gave me a life worth living. It wasn't easy, but so worth it. Thank you!!!
ByChris Newman
Testimonial #5
A Better today recovery services helped save my life! I couldn't be more grateful for Heather and all of the intake staff who tried so damn hard to get me here. God is good and this place is a miracle!!
ByJanelle Smell
Testimonial #6
I went through A Better Today's residential treatment program and would highly recommend this program to anyone with an addiction and a will to change. The incredibly warm and caring staff made my experience at their facility amazing. They gave me the tools and knowledge that I needed to stay clean and sober long after I left their program allowing me to build a full life that I never thought was possible. My parents got their son back, my sister got her brother back, my friends got their friends back and most of all I got myself back. They truly care about each and every client and they changed my life in a major way. I highly recommend A Better Today if you or a loved one are looking for help.
ByLevi Harder
Testimonial #7
Completely changed my life!

After many attempts to overcome my addiction to heroin, countless denials from treatment facilities that would not take our insurance, and numerous inpatient rehab centers Iíve tried (I was completely hopeless at giving recovery another chance that time), I can honestly say now that I have overcome & moved past heroin completely! I rarely have thoughts about doing drugs and when I do I know how to drop the thought of it before it turns into a craving. It is a beautiful thing that I can say I am now free from drugs. This is all thanks to A Better Today Recovery Services, not only did they help me recover from my addiction, they taught me that I am worthy of anything and everything. For the first time in my life, I have a better understanding of my addiction and how to treat it. If you are thinking about going to treatment, this is a facility that needs to be seen and you need to meet with the owner and staff (the staff is incredibly talented and really knows their stuff) to really understand the depth of their commitment to helping our loved ones live in a drug free world. Amazing, wonderful people, this is truly a great rehab treatment center.
ByArthur Fox
Testimonial #8
My family encouraged me to get the help I needed. Out of all the rehabs we looked at A Better Today Recovery Services was the one we picked. I wouldn't regret a single moment. The staff is filled with candid professionals that gave me my life back and my family. From the first phone call, I knew I made the right decision.
ByTom Sulivan
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