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Professional Organizer in Fort Worth, TX Owner Melinda Massie helps people overcome overwhelm and frustration by teaching solid strategies and fabulous organizational systems that apply to home, work, and life. Plus, her background in performance helps her make it entertaining...literally! She's been featured in Elle Decor, Esquire, PureWow, Huffington Post, Apartment Therapy, House Beautiful, and more. Fort Worth, TX Magazine named her "Best Personal Organizer." She teaches for TCU Extended Education and the Fort Worth Writer's Boot Camp.

Prior helping people organize, Melinda had award-winning careers in ballroom dance and event management. She has a degree in advertising and public relations.

When not helping clients, you can find her performing with the Fort Worth Opera, cooking and eating indulgent foods, trying not to break a hip in a yoga or dance class, or drinking champagne.

Discover how to make your own home, work, and life fabulous at www.ASideofFab.com.
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  • Serving residential, commercial and industrial clients
  • Year established: 2010
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  • 2011 Best Personal Organizer - Fort Worth, Texas Magazine
  • 2011 Most Glamorous Business - StartupNation
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Fort Worth, TX
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From Hot Mess to Hot Damn!
read moreThe popular rules dont always work very well.

They can even make the situation worse...especially if they make you feel bad in the process.

I developed a simpler way to help you clear even massive amounts of clutter and create an organized home that meets your needs. From Hot Mess to Hot Damn! outlines this process that has helped hundreds clear clutter and get organized. Each day you'll have a new task that will help you clear the clutter without it becoming to chaotic or overwhelming. Then you'll organize your space in a way that works best for you and helps your life flow.

In addition, the design of this book - daily tasks that only take 5-30 minutes a day - will develop the habits needed to maintain your hard work and organized space. Inside you'll find links to bonus downloads that will help along the way - including my personal favorite about the popular organizing rules I want you to break. In the end, you'll have created a home that you love and reflects your personal organizing style.

The average room can take anywhere from 8 to 24 hours to declutter and organize - depending upon size, starting state, and how quickly you make decisions. Some spare rooms of doom and garages have taken much longer, and hoarders can expect upwards of around 48 hours per room. If you and I were to do this together, it would could cost you thousands of dollars. Worth the investment, but not everyone is able to make that kind of investment. Which is why I wrote this book! If you need organizing help, I want you to have it regardless of income level.

Whether you're tackling only the "spare room of doom" or an entire home filled with clutter up to your eyeballs, From Hot Mess to Hot Damn! will guide and motivate you every step of the way. Turn your hot mess into a "hot damn!" No sacrificial fires needed.


L. C.
read moreThis is a great resource to turn dread into fun! Our home is not bad on the surface, but this is really helping to let go of negative thinking. Its a helpful tool for couples. I dont know how my husband and I would start otherwise. So yea for that!

S. C.
read moreThank you for the permission to be fabulous! (Its working!)

H. C.
read moreIm SO thankful to you. Going through the emotional process with you has been the best thing ever for me. Now I can easily let go of what I dont need without second thought. Being on the other side is very liberating.

M. P.
read moreYou think youve cleaned out your pantry then you do it with Melinda and wonder if youve ever cleaned out your pantry at all. Its so pretty now that I show it off to everyone who comes over!


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read moreIn the Before Times, you'd most likely find me messy bun and all at a coffee shop writing the next blog post or workbook, at happy hour with friends, or in rehearsal/on a stage. Now you'll find me researching skin care to work on my Quarantine Glow Up, on Zoom for my Standardized Patient gig with TCU+UNTHSC School of Medicine or "Zappy Hour" with friends (some things don't change), or in the backyard for yoga, croquet with the fam, or enjoying a drink and a book. I've loved performing ever since I was little.
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