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Invisalign and braces provider in Houston, Dr. John Karotkin aims to give you the best smile. Latest technology available to straighten teeth and treat TMJ/TMD. Complimentary consultations for adults, teens and children.
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Memorial, West Houston, The Villages, Galleria, Houston
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  • Invisalign
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10455 Briar Forest Dr #200e
Houston, TX
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Orthodontics for Adults
It’s never too late to improve your smile, straighten your teeth, or correct your bite. Many adults can be treated with Invisalign® or “clear braces” (which are actually ceramic, tooth-colored braces) to achieve a quick, easy, and comfortable improvement of their smiles.
Orthodontics for Children
For children that do require early treatment, Dr. Karotkin designs a treatment plan using minimal appliances to make the treatment as quick, easy, and painless as possible.
Orthodontics for Teens
The teenage years are the most common time to undergo orthodontic care. Treatment is usually started once the vast majority of the permanent teeth have grown in.
Today, teenagers have more choices than ever before concerning how the teeth are straightened and the bite is corrected. In addition to traditional metal braces, Dr. Karotkin offers “clear braces” (which are actually ceramic, tooth-colored braces) as well as Invisalign Teen®.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
Fantastic and fabulous! I and absolutely enthralled at how great a job everyone did at advanced orthodontics. I had gone to visit three other orthodontics before doing a consultation here. The others were too cold on manner, rude, too busy to pay attention or care, or too eager to separate me from my money. When I stepped into this office though, I felt warmed and welcome. Dr. Karotkin was friendly and informative. Unfortunately they did not take my insurance, but it didn't matter to me. The difference in customer service and the result was completely worth the price difference and the drive. Janie, Freddy, Judy, Juanita and everyone handle your teeth with care, and have nothing but smiles to offer you when they greet you. I hated my teeth for 27 years, but now I will be loving them for many years to come. Thank Dr. Karotkin and everyone at Advanced Orthodontics. You have made this girl one happy smiling bartender.
ByJamie B.
Testimonial #2
Staff was incredibly helpful and Dr. Karotkin was able to provide excellent advice about my need for orthodontic care. I had previously seen another orthodontist who only offered an invasive method to straightening my teeth. After the initial consult with Dr. Karotkin, he offered options that did not include invasive measures. I will always recommend advanced orthodontics to anyone that needs orthodontic treatment.
ByAlexandra Ryan
Testimonial #3
Dr Karotkin and staff is the number one orthodontist office in the city of Houston. For my daughter's last orthodontist appointment, Dr Karotkin and staff made an exception and saw my daughter on a day reserved for new patients only, due to my daughter is currently attending college. I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr Karotkin and his entire professional staff. Everyone has been extremely helpful and thoughtful and I will tell others how wonderful and personable the entire staff is.
ByKewanna G.
Testimonial #4
As an adult who needs braces, it is important to have a caring, knowledgeable, and professional staff. I am so happy that I chose Advance Orthodontics for my braces. If you need orthodontic treatment, this is definitely the best place to go.
ByCrystal Wade
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