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ARC is the plastic & reconstructive surgery practice of Dr. Jeremy White. We value building strong relationships with our patients based on mutual trust, respect, and maintenance of patient privacy. Our professional advice and procedures are tailored to each individual patient based upon the patient’s personal goals. With his knowledge and training in the newest innovations in cosmetic surgery, Dr. White takes pride in achieving natural results while minimizing recovery time.

At ARC Plastic Surgery, we offer the latest cosmetic procedures and face and body treatments. Dr. White can give you the new look and beautiful results you desire. Dr White is one of the few surgeons in the country to be board certified in both plastic surgery and ENT. He has special expertise in rhinoplasty, for beautiful noses that breathe well, and Mommy Makeovers with well hidden scars. We’re committed to helping you feel safe, informed and comfortable throughout the entire process. If you’re trying to decide if cosmetic surgery or a minimally-invasive treatment is right for you, whether for aesthetic reasons, a confidence boost or for medical reasons, Dr. White will create a personalized plan to help you reach your goals.
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20950 NE 27th Ct, #302
Miami, FL
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305 501 2000
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Blepharoplasty-Eyelid Lift
The eyes are the windows of the soul,” and also one of the first places that we see aging. Some patients develop bags and loose skin on their eyelids as they age. Other patients experience eyebrow lowering and develop droopy upper eyelids due to weakness or separation of the upper eyelid lifting muscle over time. These changes often lead to a tired appearance, despite attempts to relax and rejuvenate. Dr. White’s approach to eyelid lift surgery is to address both functional and cosmetic components to achieve a natural, balanced, and refreshed look.
Body Procedures
Dr. White can assess your personal goals and evaluate you for some of the many body procedures that can help you attain the physical shape that you desire. A healthy diet and regular exercise are the most important factors to get you closer to your goal body shape and maintain it. But in addition to those life changes, liposuction can remove excess fat deposits underneath the skin. If the skin has lost its elasticity, this procedure is often combined with a skin tightening procedures such as a brachioplasty or thigh lift.
One of the most popular body procedures, the abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”) can help to tighten the abdominal muscles that were loosened from pregnancy while removing some of the excess skin and stretch marks. In patients who have undergone massive weight loss, this can be combined with a posterior lower body lift and sometimes even an augmentation of the buttocks to refill the sagging skin.
Breast Procedures
Breast augmentation surgery involves placing saline or silicone prosthesis under the breast tissue and often underneath the chest muscle. This can help to improve upper breast fullness and can provide a minor lift to drooping breasts. Now is a very exciting time for cosmetic breast surgery because silicone implants have been proven to be safe and are back on the market. There are also new anatomic, tear-drop shaped implants available!
Rhinoplasty is the most complex procedure in aesthetic surgery, and so patients realize the need for a specialist, especially when they can no longer breath through the nose after a previous procedure! Whether looking for a small amount of nasal tip refinement, a major bump removal, or a revision rhinoplasty after a previous surgery, Dr. White has expertly been able to reshape and restore function to noses of all different shapes and sizes.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
Dr. White is a fantastic doctor! He is understanding and kind. Very, very intelligent, but down to Earth not like most I have met who think they are God. I injured my finger and he was the one who was called to the ER at Memorial Miramar for surgery. Recovery has been long and very painful. Dr. White has been responsive to ALL my questions and concerns (and there have been many). Injuring my finger was not all that bad since now I know about him and how good he is as a plastic surgeon, just incase I have a future need :-) His staff is also very kind... I highly recommend!
ByYliana Farrell
Testimonial #2
Thank you so much Dr. White and your staff were truly amazing I really appreciate everything. Although I was scared to get a breast reduction you assured me that everything was going to be ok and that you knew what your doing. After my procedure I was up and moving around and everything but taking it easy at the same time and it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. Thank you Dr. White you really know your stuff and I love my new breast, its such a relief now I don't have to worry about my shoulders and back aching anymore!!
ByBrittany Dean
Testimonial #3
5 Stars for Dr. White for doing a great job on my nose and giving me the ability to breathe! He has amazing bedside manners and accurately described the procedure and expected outcome. The whole office is very welcoming and made me feel extremely comfortable from day 1. Great job, thank you!
ByJake Myara
Testimonial #4
Dr. White is an amazing doctor. Prior to my nasal surgery he explained the procedure to me thoroughly and eased my fears.
I am so pleased with my results- I can finally breath!
Dr. White is always available to speak with me if I had any questions-I felt very comfortable talking with him and he made a positive change in my life.
I highly recommend Dr. White /ARC Plastic Surgery..
I would also like to mention his staff is also wonderful and professional.
Both Dr White and his staff car about t he well being of their patients.
ByJared Raff
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