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Arizona Collision Center is a body shop with over 30 years of experience. We came together to offer you a full service independent body shop where your safety and best interests are ALWAYS our main concern. Because we are independent; we do not have contracts with insurance companies, you donít have to worry about us cutting corners to save dollars on your repair job like many other shops out there. Our first priority is to safely repair your vehicle and get it back to pre-accident status in a timely manner while keeping you updated every step of the way.

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Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa and Phoenix
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  • Family owned and operated. Over 30 years of experience.
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215 South Industrial Drive
Tempe, AZ
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Bumper Repair
Most vehicles on the road today have plastic bumpers that are actually covers for metal bumpers underneath. †A plastic bumper can resist damage more easily, but can still be dented, scratched, or punctured with significant impact. †Back in the old days, you might just fix your dinged metal bumper yourself with spray paint and body filler. †But with the arrival of plastic bumpers, a repair job requires more specialized training, technique and technology. †For a truly seamless repair of your scratched or damaged plastic bumper, contact the professionals at †Arizona Collision Center.
Collision Repair
Paint Repair: Our state-of-the-art paint facility can match any paint color to repair scrapes, stone chips, dings, dents, and damage. Whether you need to correct a small imperfection, an entire panel, or multiple areas, we provide you with a quality repair in our clean, organized facility.

Auto Body Repair: Whether youíve had a fender bender or minor accident, we use original manufacturer parts and products, certified technicians, and high-tech full frame repair equipment to provide you with a quality repair that lasts.

Glass Repair: Need a new windshield? No problem! Have a bit of hail damage? We can fix that too! Our glass repair specialists seal nicks, chips and cracks before they worsen and restore the structural integrity of your window. We offer full replacements when necessary or preferred.

Wheel Repair: When a brand new set of tires is not an option, we offer wheel refinishing and remanufacturing to heal varying levels of damage in a safe manner.

Detail Work: Since you are bringing your vehicle in for repairs anyway, you may want to consider some of the custom upgrades we offer. Pinstriping, window tints, UV light protection, and protective urethane coatings are a few of the options to make your car even more attractive and resilient to damage.
Complete Car Paint Job
A car paint job can make or break the look of your vehicle. Shoddy paintwork can make a car that is in otherwise good condition look utterly lackluster, while expertly applied auto body paint has the ability to transform almost any car into a personal showpiece. At Arizona Collision Center, we provide the very best in professional auto body painting services in the Tempe and Phoenix area, ranging from minor touch-ups and scratch repair to full repainting.

Our team of professionals will not rest until your vehicle is flawlessly painted in a color that exceeds your expectations and restores your pride in ownership.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
Rob and his crew are absolutely the best! and I am one picky ass guy so i would know, just ask Not only does my truck look great but they helped me extensivly navigate my pain in the ass insurance company (farmers) oops did that slip out? that tried to put salvaged/used crap parts and aftermarket parts on my 2 year old truck, if you dont believe me ask for the pictures, we have them.. Rob and his crew went as far as bringing in the salvaged, used and aftermarket parts into the shop and install them to appeas the the insurance Co. at his own expense because (Farmers) oops slipped wouldnt reimburse him even thought they required him to do it!! how crazy is that?! In my business referrals are everything and I take them very seriously, when i give them out because it is my reputation, so when i tell you Arizona Collision Center is the Best I mean it and I have the experiences to support what i am saying. BTW i have been referring Rob buisness for 10 plus years and I will continue to do so.
ByChris Timmick
Testimonial #2
Love the attention to detail everyone at this facility provides. The staff is honest and doesn't jerk you around. They turn the vehicles around without delay, getting me and my friends back in our cars/trucks when they say they will. Been dealing with the owners (The Stringers) for many many years and even while living out of state Rob has researched body shops in my area for any work that I can't get to AZ to fix (who does that??) Rob has earned my business years ago and I will continue to send referrals his way because of the time, concern and loyalty he puts into the repairs and exceptional customer service!!
ByRachel Marie Beaudet-Lambert
Testimonial #3
Got a problem? Ask for Ben and he'll hook you up with the best deal and treat you like an actual person. Don't waste your time going to all of these other places with their bullshit talk and their brand name parts that mean absolutely nothing
If you want your car fixed the best way possible with minimal hassle, this is the place to go
ByGreg Kabyemela
Testimonial #4
I was rear ended and didnt know what to do since i had never been in an accident before. Arizona collision center took control from the very beginning. They helped me get my car over to their shop, handled everything with the insurance companies, and made my suburban look better than it did before it was hit. They kept in constant contact with me through the whole process even if it was just to tell me they were on schedule with completion. I would definatly recommend them to everyone i know who needs reliable and honest work done.
ByBrianne Dunkelbarger
Testimonial #5
When you're in a wreck, you want any help and convenience you can get. AZ Collision Center delivers convenience, communication, and competency.

I was hit from behind and needed some bumper and exhaust work done to get my less than a year old car back like new. AZ Collision Center was amazing during the whole process. I had follow-up from the mechanic Joe and even the owner, Rob, who made me feel like they had a personal interest in helping me. Besides this, they had text/email updates where I could keep track of the process on my time incredibly conveniently. Without a doubt, working with AZ Collision Center was the easiest part of this process as they were easier to get in contact with than even my own insurance company.

Continuing the trend of excellence, AZ Collision Center proved that they weren't all talk and followed through with amazing workmanship. My car looked absolutely perfect when I got it back and all the attaching lives were tight and even and the exhaust looked and sounded perfectly stock. They finished up the package with a beautiful detailing that even put the new car smell back in.

I hope I never needed another collision center in my life, but if I do, there is only one place I'm going.
ByAdam Morrison
Testimonial #6
Great service and my vehicle was delivered on time. Nice warranty as well. my car went through a bit of a rough time but thanks to these guys it now drives perfectly!
ByJames Swann
Testimonial #7
Finding a great paint shop is tough so when I need paint work done I send my vehicles and my customers to the best in town. Rob, Ben, and the whole crew do amazing work and are professionals. I can't count the number of vehicles Arizona Collision Center has painted for me and they always provide excellent service. I have referred them many times over and my customers have always been happy and raved about them as well.
ByKeith Bailey
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Rob Stringer
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