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We service Atlanta and environs,  providing unequalled residential, commercial and industrial electrical services.

We use the latest technologies and the latest electrical techniques. Our many years in the game allow us to offer a comprehensive repair and maintenance service.

We will provide emergency electricians 24/7, regardless of the time of day or night, and even on public holidays, to your residence or business.

We have been providing a reliable and efficient electrical service for many years, and have rightly earned a reputation for being honest and professional.

Our employees are professional electricians who are fully qualified and fully insured.

Our staff arrive in a full equipped vehicle with everything they need to get your electrical hassles sorted out in record time.

No job is beyond us, and we undertake each project with the same thoroughness and expertise. Our smallest clients will get the same level of service as our biggest ones

Before we start the job we will give you a quote free of charge that will have a complete list of all the problems that need to be remedied and materials needed. There will be no hidden charges.
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500 Sugar Mill Road, Suite 248b
Atlanta, GA
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(770) 451-8771
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You, your family, and your home deserve only the best. Our team builds on excellence, practicality, and affordability. We’ll take care of your electrical wirings like no one has ever done before. Feel free to give us a call during our work hours so we can discuss the services you may be needing, quotes, and schedules. We can also visit your home and perform a comprehensive electrical evaluation if you want us to.
As a highly reputed provider of electrical solutions in Atlanta, GA it is our will and pleasure to offer you our reliable electrical services to help you maintain a stable and secure commercial electrical system. We understand how frustrating and inconvenient it is to have to deal with disturbances caused by frayed circuitries. For a commercial establishment where productivity and revenue are directly related to the speed and flow of manufacturing products and carrying out services, it is extremely paramount to have a dependable electrical system all the time.
In an industrial setting, there is a great need for the services of licensed and experienced electricians. Because electrical machinery are being used more than ever in the past, it is only wise and practical to have competent electricians around in your industrial establishment.

We have an awesome team of electricians in Atlanta who can take care of your electrical system and electronic equipment. These highly-skilled workers have been exposed well in the field and are used to working and thriving even in the most rigorous conditions. We can assure you that our team can deliver thorough and durable work, with the wide set of skills and substantial knowledge we have gained from both training and experience.
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(770) 451-8771
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