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The back is a complex structure. It is made up of 33 vertebrae, over 30 muscles, numerous ligaments, multiple joints, and many inter-vertebral discs. Your neck (cervical spine) is made up of the top seven vertebrae of your spine. Physical therapy exercise to keep the neck in nice care is very beneficial.

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Baltimore, MD
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Baltimore Orthopedics & Rehab
read moreWe provide complimentary transportation for many of our privately owned out-patient centers. Our therapists can even do home visits, bringing skilled-therapy right to your front door, as part of our Mission to improve access to Rehabilitation throughout our (ever expanding) footprint. This section of our website is designed to provide you with educational information on injuries and conditions.

Baltimore Orthopedics & Rehabilitation
read moreAs the American Occupational Therapy Association puts it, the occupational therapist asks patients "What matters to you?" not "What's the matter with you?" Our licensed and highly-trained occupational therapists at BOR help their patients do the things they want to do and need to do to sustain themselves and to live as independently as possible. We embrace a holistic perspective on our patients' lives as we work to help them adapt their environments to fit their capabilities. We help our patients to build their strength and expand their range of motion.

Baltimore Orthopedics & Rehabilitation
read moreBOR is totally dedicated to the management of sports injuries and the rehabilitation of athletes as well as the prevention of sports-related injuries. Our trademark personalized care with exceptional outcomes is the focus of our care commitment whether you are a professional, recreational or scholastic athlete. We offer a variety of related programs such as injury prevention and rehabilitation to sports-specific fitness for athletes of all ages and experience levels. Sports injury therapy plans are custom designed by our specially trained therapists and are based on your unique needs, goals and situation.

Baltimore Orthopedics & Rehabilitation
read moreBOR's licensed and experienced social workers provide services to our patients across the continuum of care and in various settings. They are particularly involved in behavioral rehabilitation, psychological rehabilitation and case management. Other services range from health education to crisis intervention and supportive counseling. They bring with them a broad perspective on physical, emotional and environmental factors. For more information about the work of social workers within the health care environment contact the National Association of Social Workers:
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