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Law Firm in Chicago, IL For the last 27 years, Denise is proud of her record and the commitment to consumers and the public. It is her belief that you, our client, should have the best legal representation. To help ensure this, Denise and her team assembles and prepares your case aggressively to file your claim.

Wealth of experience, attention to detail, and genuine affinity towards clients are a few qualities that you can expect at Bradshaw Law LLC. Besides favorable results, you can expect client satisfaction.
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read moreDenise prides herself on helping clients through the issues that are involved in personal injuries. Whether you have been involved in a car accident or a victim of medical malpractice, Denise can provide the solution to your situation.


Candy Leon
read moreFor my first time being in an accident, and not knowing what to do. Bradshaw law helped me tremendously. Very nice, very explainable, very reasonable. I am very satisfied with the knowledge and help I received. Definitely would recommend them even though shes moving her practice. I would definitely use them again. Thanks so much Denise for all your hard work, you do great work.

Ashley Helms
read moreDenise Bradshaw is truly amazing! Along with Lisa and Lynette! Super professional, knowledgeable, organized and have your best interest in mind! Not to mention they worked with my crazy schedule. I had a case open with Bradsha Law for little over 3 years and they kept me in the loop all along the way and always listen to what I wanted and never influenced how I proceeded with my case. Thankful for Bradshaw Law and all the effort and support they provided over the last 3 years!

Jesse Vargas
read moreI am very ecstatic on the out come of my 3 year case, it took a lot of time and patience and Denise did an amazing job getting me what I deserved at the end. Thank you Bradshaw Law for all your hard work and dedication

Shauna Reay
read moreThey are the best!!! They keep me updated with everything that' going on. I love everyone who I work with there, Lisa & Lynette are amazing!!! Any question I have they answer. When I needed to have a document notarized, they helped me out even though it had nothing to do with my case . They are the most amazing lady's in the entire world!!! I love working with them!!! They make working with the law a breeze!! Thank you Bradshaw Law LLC!!! I love you!!!

Vanessa Felix
read moreFirst lawyer I ever had at age 18, I hope I never need one again but if I do, I would most definitely choose Denise Bradshaw again! She cares about her clients, and is excellent about communicating with them. Her team is also great! All very nice ladies.

Jennifer Schuler
read moreBradshaw Law LLC takes care of their clients. Denise and her staff worked our case with professional tenacity until our own insurance company was forced to do the right thing by paying our claim, in full. Believe that Bradshaw Law can be trusted. Period. I hope to never need legal help again, but absolutely recommend them all and will call them if I ever do need help. Great group of people, lead by a strong lawyer that knows her job. Thank you.

Juliana Garcia
read moreMy experience with Bradshaw Law was nothing less than excellent. In particular, working with Denise Bradshaw. She held the characteristics of a lawyer who places her clients best interest at heart. She has great communication, people, research, and analytical skills. She made the experience easy to follow and was available at any time (despite not being physically present in the same city). I highly recommend her!

Erin Waldvogel
read moreWhen youre gifted a new life because you were blessed to live through a traumatic event... 18 months ago I should have been deceased! With a traumatic brain injury I really wasnt able to grasp what was all happening when I woke up. My family had put me in not only good hands but the best hands (Bradshaw). When someone hurts you and they have nothing to give you end up at a dead end however she fought hard to find resolution to my dead end. Denises hard work and countless hours proved such a better ending than what was ever expected. I have been blessed to have her office represent and take care of me not only legally but also just as a ear to cry to through my bad days. I couldnt of asked for a better person and lawyer to be by my side.

Kat M.
read moreDenise and her staff went above and beyond to take care of us following our accident. I started out hesitant, but was very quickly reassured that hiring Denise was the best decision I made. Following a very unfortunate event, she took the reins, relieving me of all of the unneeded stress. I can't say enough great things about her office. They were quick in handling the situation, were extremely professional and maintained continued communication on the progress of my case at all times.

Kenady Warren
read moreDenise at Bradshaw Law LLC is a great litigation attorney. It was a shame that it had to come to that but she was prepared for it every step of the way. I was involved in an automobile accident that was in no way my fault and I was simply lost in the insurance and legal system. Denise was like a guiding light, constantly telling me what to expect and how best to deal with it. If you need an Elko attorney or lawyer for any kind of workers compensation case or malpractice suit, I highly recommend Denise and her team.

John Nelson
read moreBradshaw law has got to be the most caring, informative, and dedicated law firm I have ever seen. They went above and beyond any of my expectations as a law firm. I was never left out of the loop regarding my case. I highly recommend them to anyone that is in need of an awesome law fim. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you Bradshaw Law!


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