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When you call Byrd Pest Control you will know this Modesto Pest Control company will blow you away with the best customer service! You will be warmly greeted and know you called the right place. We ensure that everything is done right, we take pride in what we do.

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1945 Bangs Ave
Modesto, CA
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Natural and Organic Pest Control
We have Natural, Organic and Reduced risk options that will take care of all your pest issues. We will keep your family safe with how we do our service.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
Love the service!! Whenever there is any concern it is quickly taken care of with no questions or issues. And most of all with fantastic attitudes, the customer service is on point. I love that I don't have spiders in my house!
ByMelissa T.
Testimonial #2
We've been happy clients for 4 years now. We have had our mice issue solved, spiders killed and Yellowjackets reduced to almost nil. The reminders about a week in advance have been very helpful; I was able to reschedule around a party I was having in my backyard
ByRuth S.
Testimonial #3
We love Byrd Pest Control! The reason why we know Byrd Pest Control is the best is for days after they service our house we see dead bugs. Nothing says a pest company is doing their job like dead bugs!!
ByRick Gray
Testimonial #4
Byrd Pest Control has been servicing our home for over four years. Both in Turlock and Modesto. They are on time, profesional and do a good job of communicating with us (the customer). Their prices are reasonable and they stand behind their work. I can not recommend them enough.
ByTravis Dalton
Testimonial #5
Love this company! We were having a huge problem with wasps / yellow jackets - John came and did a treatment and completely took care of the problem. The was price was reasonable as well.

I highly recommend Byrd Pest-Control
ByEric Heinrich
Testimonial #6
The staff at Byrd are wonderful. They are understanding of cancellations without making you feel bad. They communicate well with their customers. The technician, Jj is always so friendly and happy when he comes to treat my home.
ByJennifer Campbell
Testimonial #7
They are great. I have dogs that are friendly to them and they atecgreat to make sure gEts are locked and things done right. I had awful bugs issue until I started with them. They are great.
ByKellie Ricker
Testimonial #8
I have used Byrd Best Control for over a year. I'm very happy with their services and the gentlemen who comes to my house is very professional and knowledge. He deserves a raise :)
ByLarry Granillo
Testimonial #9
The best pest company ever, very reliable and always there for you when you need them. I first called John the owner to save us from a rodent in our home, we had just had a baby and I was not having it. He put a trap and said see you in 2 days. His trapped worked. From then on we became his bi monthly customers w no rodent problems and less spiders and bugs. I always recomend Byrd Pest Management. We are a satisfied customer....
ByRachel & Jemal Everett
Testimonial #10
Had our second service which is a follow-up to the first. Garrett was the technician who came out. He explained more things about the "spider battle" and was very thorough in his explanation. He then went about touching up some problem areas for spiders, some of which I pointed out and others he spotted from his inspection of our home. Garrett was very polite and just great in which to work. We are VERY happy with Byrd Pest Control.
ByKen Hasekamp
Testimonial #11
This company is wonderful!!! From the initial contact I made with Juanita (her professionalism and friendliness) to the services provided by Garrett, the technician. He was extremely informative, thorough, professional, and very customer focused. He ensured to explain the service, products, and what to expect. He really went above and beyond. This company is a must use! They are terrific and if I can give the service more than 5 stars I absolutely would! Thank you guys!!!!!
ByWalter Hernandez
Testimonial #12
Byrd Pest Control was great. They were able to schedule my first time appointment for the next day. JJ, my serviceman, was also great and very personable. He explained the process fully and answered all my questions. I would recommend them based on my experiences.
ByJason Hall
Testimonial #13
Very curteous, friendly, helpful, honest, local and reasonable. I called as a new customer and John was out the next day. I wanted to support a local, family business. Yelp had great things to say about him so the choice was made and I am very glad I did.
ByMary Ann R.
Testimonial #14
Been using their service for a little over a year, they have been awesome. When we need to reschedule they have no problem doing so. Any thing they treat for has not been a problem again. All employees are very friendly and knowledgeable. We are very happy customers.
ByJulie S.
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