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City Wide Exterminating is a pest control service provider in the greater charlotte nc area serving albemarle nc, and concord nc as well. We have been in business for over 20 years, and specialize in termite control, bed bug heat treatments, rodent removal, and wildlife exterminator services. We aim to be the best pest control and wildlife removal company in our area. We look forward to serving you.
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  • Year established: 2004
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907 W. Main St.
Locust, NC
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(704) 888-0911
Products & Services
Termite Control
In our region, subterranean termites are the cause of almost all termite damage in our area. These termites live in the soil and move through shelter tubes up foundation walls and into the structure of your home. Our Charlotte termite treatment professionals use proven non-repellent soil treatments to provide a 24/7 protective barrier around your home.

As with all of our termite control Charlotte NC services, we guarantee a termite-free home after termite treatment. Warranties are renewable annually and transferable to new homeowners. Our qualified Charlotte termite control staff can help you choose the termiticide that best fits your needs, environment, and budget.
Bed Bug Treatment
Charlotte NC has recently become one of the top cities in the United States with bed bug infestations, and City Wide Exterminating is leading the way in affordable bed bug extermination and treatment. Our multi-step bed bug control treatment process uses a wide variety of effective products and techniques to help quickly solve your bed bug problems without breaking the bank.
Mosquito Control
Let City Wide Exterminating’s Charlotte mosquito exterminators protect your family this summer. We offer barrier treatments to significantly reduce the population of mosquitoes and ticks in your yard. Through our residential mosquito control services, a uniformed Concord NC pest control professional will treat your yard every 21 days. The Charlotte mosquito prevention service is automatic, and we remind you of your scheduled service ahead of time. You don’t even need to be home – we’ll leave a courtesy card informing you that your mosquito treatment has been successfully completed.
Rodent Control
The three rodents we see the most often in our area of the Carolinas are common House Mice, Norway Rats and the Roof Rat. Identification of the correct rodent species invading your home is a crucial first step for proper Concord NC rodent control. A thorough inspection of the home is also required in order to locate possible entry points, harboring sites, and any food and water sources. Our Charlotte rodent control professionals utilize bait placement and/or non-toxic control measures to best suit your rodent removal services needs.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
Great service. Attentive to needs and solving problems. They come quarterly and very reasonable rates. Highly recommend.
ByRodd Neumann
Testimonial #2
This is the third exterminating company I have used since purchasing my home and this has been the best experience I have received. The exterminator was very thorough and knowledable. He did more treatment tactics then any company I used in the past. I look forward to working with the agency in the future.
ByDeana Godfrey
Testimonial #3
Michael from city wide came out and did our initial services. He was friendly, quick and informative. We felt comfortable talking to him about what was going on and his knowledge was outstanding. Making the appointment for services was quick, easy and convenient also.
ByAllison Schaub
Testimonial #4
I've been using City Wide since my husband and I bought our first home here in Charlotte. Not only are their prices fair, but the staff is extremely friendly and professional. I appreciate them and all their hard work in caring for our home!
ByKate McDonald
Testimonial #5
We had a yellow jacket nest being built under some shingles in our roof. Chris showed up right on time and took care of the nest by spraying it directly. He also stayed around for 20-30 minutes longer to spray any additional yellow jackets that returned to the nest. There was no activity by the next morning as he said should happen. Very professional and great service!
ByJason Spencer
Testimonial #6
I've used City Wide for over 15 years. I feared I was having an "ant invasion" and called for an emergency treatment two days ago. It was a matter of hours (not days) when Robert showed up and applied treatment. I'm happy to report that I have not seen an ant in my house since!
ByGay Thorne
Testimonial #7
Simon is a great representative of your company. He explained everything he was looking for and what he was going to do. I would definitely recommend City Wide to other potential customers.
ByJill Cox
Testimonial #8
They have so much expertise to solve issues - and always so nice. We have been a customer for many years and have seen first hand the difference their service makes. Wonderful company!
ByKristen Boye
Testimonial #9
I was really pleased with the service. The workers were very courteous and took the time to explain everything. They checked for trouble spots and nests of pests before beginning the extermination process. I will use them again in the future.
ByMary Love
Testimonial #10
City Wide Exterminating is by far the most courteous and professional pest control company in the area! Michael showed up on time for my appointment and gave me a full explanation of pricing, problem areas and treatment. He also took the time to examine and properly diagnose a "bee problem" that we were having. Turns out that an expensive carpenter bee treatment wasn't needed after all! If honesty and integrity are important to you, then save yourself the time and stress of looking any further than City Wide Exterminating for your pest control needs.
ByMatt Hastings
Testimonial #11
Michael was very professional and helpful! I love having a dependable service that looks out for the homeowner. Michael was very patient and thoroughly explained options for dealing with everything from ants to termites! Best of all I truly trust City Wide Exterminating!
ByEliza Camden
Testimonial #12
I'm glad we chose City Wide for our pest control needs. We have a spider infestation along with other bugs. Simon Atkinson came out and took care of all our pest needs. He was very professional and detailed!
ByJustin Edwards
Testimonial #13
We've used City Wide Exterminating for ages, maybe twenty years if not longer. I can't sing this company's praises enough. After having Robert all these years I can't imagine ever using one of the big chain companies where you're just a name, if that. The first bug we see, we know Robert's scheduling call is forthcoming. He's like clockwork and we appreciate it!
ByCarol Younger Tate
Testimonial #14
I love this company! I wouldn't dream of using another pest control company. When I call the office, I always get expert and friendy customer service. When the guys come out, I know I can get honest answers to my questions. A very professional group of people who know thier business well! Thanks guys!
ByMonica Mattick Gallant
Testimonial #15
These guys are true professionals. On time. Very good prices and willing to backup their work.
I've been a customer for a few years and plan on being one from now on.
Their quarterly service is fantastic!
ByDarby L Dillard
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