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Are you tired of looking at your dirty and dingy carpeting? Does your home or office always have an odor to it that you cannot seem to remove no matter how many times you spray with a deodorizer? Are you constantly suffering from allergies, and find your allergies even worsen whenever you are in your home or office? Or, have you or your kids been ending up with recurring respiratory ailments? If you answer 'yes' to any of those questions, then the next question is when was the last time you had your carpets professionally cleaned? If you cannot answer that question, then you are well overdue. If you are in the Suffolk or Nassau counties in NY, then you are in luck because Clean N Fresh Carpet Cleaning will professionally clean your carpets.

They want any home or business owner to understand that vacuuming their carpets alone will not remove all of the dirt, dust and other grime. It removes dirt on the surface which is important, but the carpet fibers trap all kinds of dirt, dust, pollutants, grime and so forth over the course of time. Therefore, a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi is developed. And, this is why your home or office smells, and appears dingy, and is making you sick! In fact, Clean N Fresh Carpet Cleaning wants you to know that you must have a professional steam cleaning done at least once a year.

They will clean your carpets with the best care and only use modern technology, as well as eco-friendly and non-toxic products. They guarantee your satisfaction. They also provide professional tile and grout cleaning, area rug cleaning, mattress cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning, as well as marble cleaning. To find out more about what they offer, go to their site
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Hempstead NY, Oyester Bay NY, Long Beach NY, Garden City NY, Westbury NY, Syosset NY, Huntington NY, Babylon NY, Islip NY, Smithton NY, Hauppauge NY, Dix Hills NY
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309 Cassata Dr
Rochester, NY
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(516) 669-2510
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Carpet Cleaning
Our company focuses on A+ carpet cleaning work and A+ customer service. The customer is always right here at Clean N Fresh.

Deep carpet cleaning is our strength here. If your poor carpet seems wrecked with stains and odors and looks generally lifeless, we can turn the situation around. Our cleaning pros go deep down into your carpet to help it regain the beauty it had that first drew you to it. We are also proud to offer eco-friendly products. Please ask about this option when you call.

The carpet cleaning technicians at Clean N Fresh have great training and experience on their sides. They also have a lot of experience using innovative and first-rate cleaning products. The cleaning products they use are tops, no denying that.
Tile and Grout Cleaning
Good tile and grout cleaning accomplishes the following things:

Removes dirt and gunk from tile flooring
Helps restore grout to its original color
Uses quality cleaners to prevent dirt from sticking
Eliminates mold and bacteria from the tile

Cleaning your flooring is not just about removing dirt, it is about preserving your tile for years to come. Tile and grout cleaning is therefore an investment in the future of your home.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
BY FAR, the best experience with carpet/upholstery cleaning ever. Mike is amazing -- knowledgeable, professional, and an all-around good human being. My carpet looks amazing -- any and all stains... gone! My 10-year old sectional couch is like new. Looks great, and smells fresh, not because it was sprayed with some "freshener," but because it is truly clean. Got a text the day before to confirm, and one on the day of cleaning to tell me that he was on his way. And, oh, a follow-up to make sure I was satisfied. Great price, as well. Bottom line -- don't waste your time calling any other carpet/upholstery cleaning service. You won't find anything better than Clean N Fresh.
ByKathleen Greenberg
Testimonial #2
I am amazed at the job that Clean N Fresh did on the carpeting in our home. I didn't think much could be done with the old carpeting in our home, and was just hoping for some improvement.....the job Michael did was a miracle! I just can't get over how wonderful they look now. I highly recommend Clean N Fresh and will definitely use them again. This gentleman was professional all the way...clean, fast, thorough and nice. Worth every penny!
ByPeggy DeStefan
Testimonial #3
Michael came on short notice and completely removed the child urine stains ! Very happy with his service and would 100% recommend him to anyone who needs a mattress professionally cleaned
ByJessica Hahnan
Testimonial #4
Michael Knight of Clean n Fresh was efficient, professional, and got out the most horrendous stains! Highly recommend and will definitely be calling back to clean the second floor as well!!!
BySheryl Orellana
Testimonial #5
Clean N Fresh cleaned my kitchen floor and carpets of my new apartment and it was like night and day I couldnt believe how much ground in dirt came up, my kitchen floor is so clean i am very pleased. I am definitely using Clean N Fresh Carpet Cleaning when its time to have my carpets cleaned again and i would recommend them to anyone, excellent and professional service I couldn't be happier.
ByPeter Dixon
Testimonial #6
Hello Charlene from Coram
As a new home owner, I employed the service of Clean N Fresh Carpet Cleanings; the crew did an excellent job.
My carpets and tile is now looking like I have replaced them.
Thank you!
ByCharlene Febus
Testimonial #7
Originally I had them come over to clean the carpet in my fathers house.The carpet was white when it was first installed about 15 years ago but after 15 years not very white anymore. Thanks to Mike the carpet is as white and clean as the day it was installed! Then I asked him if there was anything he could do with the sofa in the living room. Well as you might have guessed the sofa looks as good as it did the day that it was first delivered! If your looking for a company that has a real passion for what they do then look no further Clean-n-Fresh Carpet Service is the company to call!
ByCorey Johannessen
Testimonial #8
My white carpet in my apartment had a large dark stain. I'm still not sure what caused it however, the complex manager advised me that carpets are only changed at 10years!! I figured I would have to throw a rug or something over the stain (ugh). I was complaining to my neighbor about my carpet and she said she had hers professionally cleaned. She told me she had juice stains and etc from the kids. Well, I called this guy and let me tell you I had very little faith in him to be able to remove that stain! However...he did an amazing job! My carpets looked so new and clean and fluffed! I could see footprints again! Call Clean N Fresh the prices are right and the services are on point!
ByGanesa Taylor
Testimonial #9
I'm so excited to have you guys coming to clean my carpet after seeing the wonderful job you did on my moms floor. My mom wanted to use the other guys but after I sent your company to her she was super pleased with the customer service and the carpet care. She called me bragging about her floor. Thanks so much
ByKeesh Skye
Testimonial #10
I went by the 5 star rating on this site to try and revive my kitchen tile and carpet. They look brand new if I could give 6 stars I would!!!! Thank you Clean and Fresh!!!
ByDarlene Rydberg-Salvato
Testimonial #11
Had them come clean two rooms with carpets in my home,excellent job! Looks brand new, They even covered up the flooring leading to the rooms to prevent any further dirty floors HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! A+++++
ByEddie Schellens
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