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Dr. Samir Pancholi has always enjoyed working with his hands, and even as a youngster aspired to pursue a career in the health care industry. He successfully combined those two interests, founding Cosmetic Surgery of Las Vegas in 2006. Board-certified in both cosmetic surgery and facial plastic surgery, Dr. Pancholi has extensive experience in revision surgery for patients of breast augmentation, having performed hundreds of operations on women with ruptured and displaced implants.

Dr. Pancholi's years of expertise and skilled artistry can release your true beauty with treatment plans designed to achieve the best, most natural result.  By providing the highest standard in skilled care, safety, education, and open communication, Dr. Pancholi and his staff will put your mind at ease while you move forward on your journey to become your best self.

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  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • American Board of Cosmetic Surgery
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7220 S. Cimarron Rd.
Las Vegas, NV
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Cosmetic Body Procedures
Cosmetic body contouring procedures at Dr. Pancholi's office are designed to help you achieve the results that diet and exercise have failed to provide. A slimmer profile, a flatter abdomen or chest, and many other possibilities are achievable through these procedures.
Facial Cosmetic Surgery
Do you ever find yourself thinking about enhancing the way you look just a little bit? Perhaps you would like a more refined nose, fuller lips, or a more defined jaw area.

Dr. Pancholi is fellowship-trained in the most advanced, minimally invasive, facial cosmetic surgery techniques; from face and neck lift to Rhinoplasty to chin and cheek implants.

Depending on your appearance goals, Dr. Pancholi will discuss your surgical and non surgical options. When surgery is not the answer, Dr. Pancholi will discuss the safest and most effective treatments such as Botox, Restylane, and Obagi skin care to minimize wrinkles, freshen, and return youth to your face with little or no downtime.
Cosmetic Breast Procedures
Breast surgery and Revision Breast surgery are my passions. No other procedure best defines a woman's sense of femininity than breast surgery. As my patients know, my approach to breast surgery is logical and straightforward. I place the utmost emphasis on educating and developing trust. I will take the time for you to express your concerns and goals so we can see how to achieve them.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
Dr.Pancholi and his staff are absolutely amazing! I will forever refer people to him! My surgery and recovery went great and so far I love my results! I have never been more happy or confident in my own skin thanks to Dr.Pancholi!
BySummer Failes
Testimonial #2
Amazing doctor w amazing staff! U don't need to ask any questions cause straight away everything is explained. Dr. Pancholi is definitely a person who wants to help U, not to take from U as much money as it's possible. Unfortunately it happens very often w different "specialists"... My lips look totally super cute! Thanks! It's a pleasure to visit U Guys!
ByDominika Gora
Testimonial #3
I just recently had surgery. I had a breast lift with silicone implants. Yesterday I was my one week post op! And I can already tell that he did an awesome job! I will recommend him highly and his staff rocks too!
ByAnje Collins
Testimonial #4
Dr. Pancholi and his staff are the best in the Las Vegas/Henderson area! I needed to have my 20 year old breast implants replaced and he did an excellent job! The outcome after almost 1 year is that they look better, more natural and better placement than the old implants. He really listens to your concerns and cares about doing the best work for your body. I am extremely happy that I chose Dr. Pancholi!! I always recommend him!
ByDana Burnett
Testimonial #5
The Cosmetic procedure I had done by Dr. Pancholi at Cosmetic Surgery of Las Vegas, was performed beyond my highest expectations!
From the Staff, to Doctor, to Surgery Center, to Post Opp Care, I couldn't have asked for more dedicated, caring, professional's to take care of me.
I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend Cosmetic Surgery of Las Vegas to my friends, family and business associates in the future.
ByCarol Bott
Testimonial #6
Fixed my bad lipo done by another surgeon. Took his time explained the procedure and I am confident that I'm going to finally look the way I wanted. I'm still healing but I just wanted to say thanks Dr. P. You took a weight off my shoulders.
ByVerity Frank
Testimonial #7
Dr pancholi is awesome. After spending months, maybe years, online looking for someone that did natural looking breasts I found Dr. Pancholi. I liked that he was the only dr that didn't try to put humongous implants in when I said I didn't want to look like that. The recovery time was minimal. I was back to work in 3 days. I thought they looked great but really thought he did an amazing job when other drs inquired about who did them because they looked so natural.
ByМichelle Lynn
Testimonial #8
Dr. Pancholi is amazing and I feel as though he really listened to my goals as far as my skin care and overall improving my facial appearance. I feel like I look ten years younger. I would highly recommend Dr. Pancholi to all of my friends who feel they need a better skin care line and for botox and or Juvederm!!
ByKara Westerlund
Testimonial #9
I had my breast augmentation almost 2 years ago and I'm happier than I've ever been! it took me years before i finally had the courage to go through with the procedure and I'm so glad i did because i had the opportunity to have Pancholi as my surgeon. They are absolutely gorgeous and I get compliments all the time! My surgery and recovery was a breeze ...I had the greatest experience! Recently my best friend had hers done and it was the most awful recovery and did not look nearly as great as mine (It really made me think how lucky I am). In fact she was so upset comparing mine and hers she cried and regretted having the procedure broke my heart. I had saved my medical bra from Pancholi and gave it to her hoping it'd help her feel better and now she wont take it off LOL... we both even think they're looking a lot better since using it. At any rate if you're considering a surgeon in Las Vegas I would highly recommend Pancholi... the staff is so kind and attentive and he seriously does perfect work!!!
ByLauren Miceli
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Dr. Pancholi

Dr. Pancholi, selected by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery as a media relations representative, was recently quoted in the New York Times regarding his approach to patients. Dr. Pancholi's years of expertise and skilled artistry can release your true beauty with treatment plans designed to achieve the best, most natural result. By providing the highest standard in skilled care, safety, education, and open communication, Dr. Pancholi and his staff will put your mind at ease while you move forward on your journey to become your best self.

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