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Web and IT Services by Drew Reed

On the Web And Internet
Web Design and web Development
Custom E-Commerce Solutions
PHP and JavaScript Applications
Google AdWords Management
SEO/SEM Services
WordPress Development

In the Office Technology
Quickbooks Support
Office 365 Support
Mac Support
Custom Server and Computer
Server Management
Hosted VoIP Solutions
Unified Communications (UC)
Unified Messaging (UM)
Collaboration & Video Conferencing

In the Home Support
Anti-Virus and Internet Security Solutions
Wireless Networking
Network Cabling and Server Cabinets
Data Backup and Recovery
High Speed Cable DSL Modem Setup
Troubleshoot and Repair
Shared Internet Home Office Solutions
Office Relocation and Setup

Web Design and Web Development
Expert-level in WordPress and Joomla! support from front-end graphics and coding, to complete site rebuilds. I am a talented designer, developer, copywriter, and strategist, that can fix—or build—anything you throw at me.

My creative expertise runs the gamut; interface design, illustration, infographics, logo/brand development, tradeshow graphics, banner ads, presentations and custom photography. From landing pages to complete UI/UX overhauls, our team can craft a solution for any problem you throw at them.

I provides expert-level development web support including PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and Bootstrap. Stone has deep experience with CMSs — WordPress, Joomla, — as well as web-based application development for multiple industries.

My deep experience in WordPress, Joomla CMSs and well versed in the upgrades associated with them. Let us take care of the headaches involved in getting you up on the latest, most stable versions.

Custom Programming Services
Built to fit your business
Custom-built programming applications
Improve your business processes through automation
Data import and conversion processes to reduce data entry and repetitive tasks
Integrate with 3rd party applications (APIs)
Customize or add features on existing open source or custom-built applications

I have a ton of experience building custom web applications. As these projects are custom built, the primary focus is working with the client to help refine the requirements to plan an application that will not only work, but will actually be used and provide efficiency in your business. Whenever possible, Fine Line customizes open source applications to fit your business requirements. I also know that any successful application will need to be changed. With that in mind, I build the applications with expansion to scale and change requests expected in the future.

Responsive Website Design
One Site, All Devices. We were among the first to offer businesses in the area sites that work on smartphones, tablets, laptops or Desktop PCs. Since 2014, I have kept responsive design as a top priority, and all of my sites are built on a proven framework that lets visitors view them no matter what device they're on. This avoids the additional costs of creating and maintaining multiple websites while giving your business universal appeal across all platforms. As consumers migrate from desktop to mobile, our clients go with them. Not only do I develop websites to accommodate multiple devices, but I also keep clients aware of important changes in this accelerating industry. Responsive Web Design was just a recent example. In early 2015, my alerted our clients to an upcoming change in Google's algorithm which penalized websites that were not optimized for mobile display. Web pundits called it Mobilegeddon and predicted a sharp decline in the mobile search ranking of websites that failed to become mobile friendly by Google's deadline. For a hectic six weeks, I concentrate on conversions and when the changeover occurred, clients who took advantage of our alert and adopted Responsive Web Design found the changeover as uneventful as Y2K. Follow-up research confirmed that companies that were unprepared experienced a marked slump in mobile search rankings. Responsive Design is typical of the continual advances in Internet technology that I track for my clients. You can rely on us to monitor the industry and advise you whenever advances can improve your website's effectiveness. Stay informed about trends and research into best practices through our periodic client newsletter and blog.

Search Engine Optimization
And there is a lot to keep track of. Currently, Google references some 200 criteria in judging how useful a site will be to their customers and therefore how high it will rank in searches. Some of these criteria are tags and other code built into the site but invisible to visitors. At one time, optimizing a site for search was as easy as stuffing keywords into certain locations, expecting web crawlers to simply match these words with words in search strings. The result was very ugly for everybody but spammers and content mills. Today, Google search algorithms are uncannily good at quickly returning and ranking high-quality websites with the best chance of satisfying a searcher's query. And it keeps getting better, at least for searchers. For web developers and site owners, the algorithms that make this possible rely on thousands of assumptions and inferences that are often ambiguous and counterintuitive. And it's a moving target. Every year, Google makes 400-600 tweaks to its algorithms, and since 2011, has rolled out four major revisions with dramatic effects on website ranking. My job is to track these changes, boil them down to practical rules, and create code and content that keeps your website as high as possible on Google's results page. Search Engine Optimization is probably the single best reason to have your website professionally built. But it is certainly not the only one.

Server and Networking Installation
More than ever, you rely on your network to run your business. A network outage can be devastating and result in lost productivity, lost opportunities and even lost clients. When working with me, your business takes advantage of years of computer support experience in building and managing networks without the costs associated with hiring a certified, in-house, IT guru. And the best part? Complete computer and network service and support for businesses in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas. We cover the whole spectrum of service, handling everything from general computer maintenance and risk management to large-scale network installations. From start to finish, I offer complete computer solutions customized for all your business needs. Whatever your computer needs, Network Services Group is happy to assist you.

Areas Served
Ann Arbor, Brighton, Jackson, Dexter, Plymouth, Detroit, Toledo
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  • Servicing residential, commercial and industrial clients
  • Licensed
  • Year established: 2010
  • Number of employees: 1
Highlights, Specialties & Features
  • Web Design and web Development
  • Custom E-Commerce Solutions
  • PHP and JavaScript Applications
  • Google AdWords Management
  • SEO/SEM Services
  • WordPress Development
Professional Associations, Trade Bodies & Certifications
  • Cisco Certified in Network Fundamentals
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7912 Lakshore Rd
Ann Arbor, MI
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Testimonial #1
Very professional and got my project done before deadline. I am very happy with Drew Reed.
BySteve Chafer
Business Representative
Drew Reed

I am employed as Software Engineer at MedHub in Dexter, Michigan. Everyday I gain experience in development of internet applications including PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I constantly build my repertoire of knowledge in the IT field. Since 2009 I have been creating websites to delight and inform the viewer. In 2010, I was hired in the field of IT and refined my methods of informing internet users. I have been using technology to deliver information, in one form or another, for about a decade, with a career that started in E-Commerce Specialist and transitioned to the web programming. Through it all, I have always been on the lookout for the smartest way to get a job done; these days that means harnessing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create web applications. I have worked with a wide range of web-related tools—Unix systems, PHP, MySQL, Apache — but my geeky passion is building complex PHP web applications with rich experiences that adhere to best practices and emphasize modular, reusable, maintainable code. I can get your website off to a good start, evaluate its current position or even give it a plan for the future. Providing clients with an unbiased approach to defining, developing and implementing solutions to meet their website needs. Whether you have an existing web site or are just starting out, you will get the information and analysis you need to succeed online. If you live in Northeast Ohio and Southeast Michigan we can meet and discuss your needs. Trained with the latest software and knowledge of Web Design and WC3 Standards, I can create appealing and creative Web Design and web layout.

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