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If you’re looking for quality dental care in a friendly, caring environment, look no further than Fairway Dental. Dr. Pérez and our team of professionals offer our patients the finest of modern cosmetic, implant and restorative treatment with a personalized touch.

We know there are dozens of reasons you are interested in our practice. Perhaps you have missing teeth and dislike living with gaps in your smile. Maybe your dental care is complicated by trauma, disease, or other medical conditions. Possibly, you just want cosmetic services from someone who has the extensive training to help you. Or you’re a dentist who wants to refer a patient with complex treatment needs. No matter who you are, how old you are, or what state your teeth are in, we can help you.

Why a Prosthodontist?
As a prosthodontist, Dr. Pérez obtained two additional years of rigorous training at an American Dental Association accredited school after graduating from dental school. With his extensive knowledge and training, he can help patients with severe problems restore and repair their teeth. Dr. Pérez can also help anyone hoping to enhance their smile through cosmetic dentistry. After examining your mouth, we will work with other specialists and health care professionals to create a long-term dental plan to help you achieve the smile you want.

Personalized Plans for You
We know that your decision to restore you smile may be influenced by physical, emotional, and financial factors in your life. That’s why we listen to your needs and work to develop a treatment plan that’s personalized for your unique needs. Dr. Perez may recommend implants, porcelain veneers, implant retained dentures, implant retained bridges, crowns, or a combination of services, he will provide easy-to-understand patient education information about each of them.

Great Team & Comfortable Office
We know many people are nervous when visiting the dentist’s office. Our entire team works together to make you are comfortable and relaxed. Our office is designed to be open and friendly, with the soft greens and earth tones reminiscent of a golf course. We also have DVD players, TV, and other amenities to help you feel at home while you’re in our chair. Dr. Pérez has helped thousands of patients who needed extensive or complex dental treatments. They now enjoy beautiful, healthy, and functional smiles. We can certainly help you, too. You can schedule an appointment by calling 214-731-0558. Our office is centrally located in Carrollton directly across from the Coyote Ridge Golf Club. We can’t wait to meet you!

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1616 W Hebron Pkwy #100
Carrollton, TX
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Dental Implants
When permanent teeth are lost, regardless of the reason or number of teeth, dental implants can offer a “new lease on life.” They are superior to other choices because they are solid, secure, and esthetic. After nearly 35 years of use, they have a 90-95% proven success rate in appropriately chosen cases. An implant is a special surgical grade titanium post, manufactured to highly precise specifications, under strict sterile conditions, that is inserted surgically into the jawbone below the gum surface. With proper use of the newest anesthetics and medications you need not be concerned about pain. As the bone bonds to the post, it forms a secure foundation onto which your new teeth are then attached and shaped to match your mouth. The number of teeth being replaced will determine the best kind of restoration for you. Implants can help replace a single tooth, or a full set of teeth. If you have been suffering with partial or full dentures, or are missing teeth, or feel you need teeth extracted, do not hesitate to call to be evaluated for implants.
(214) 731-0558
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