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Garrin Evan is a Fort Lauderdale-based commercial, fashion and branding photographer, specializing in location-based advertising, public relations and editorial photography. An avowed colorist, Evanís work features vibrant splashes of color, as well as eye-catching geometric compositions. His clients include advertising and public relations agencies, magazines, consumer brands and corporate enterprises.†

Evanís photography has been influenced by a life of artistic endeavors. In the 1990s, he worked in marketing and promotion for Atlantic Records, promoting acts like Stone Temple Pilots, Collective Soul and Hootie & the Blowfish. And Evan is also an accomplished artist and self-taught painter. A decade studying figure drawing helped him develop his eye for fashion photography.

A guiding philosophy to his work: Create a fun, friendly and professional environment and let creativity flourish. Evan prefers shooting on location in urban or natural spaces, and through effective planning and clear direction, he creates imagery that tells a unique story. He has photographed Miss Universe, a swimsuit calendar for the NHL Florida Panthers, and a United States Presidential Candidate.

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Palm Beach County, Broward County, Miami-Dade County
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  • Fashion Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Swimsuit Photography
  • Advertising Photography
  • Model Photography
  • Commercial Photography
  • Lingerie Photography
  • Fitness Photography
  • Travel Photography
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721 NE 16th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL
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(305) 906-2986
Products & Services
Advertising Photography
Garrin Evan Studios provides photography services for advertising and public relations campaigns, for apparel brands, consumer marketers and more.
Commercial Photography
Garrin Evan Studios offers commercial photography services for large, medium and small businesses. Services include executive portraits, corporate event photography, employee headshots, social media photography, website imagery, marketing collateral photography and more.
Fashion Photography
Garrin Evan Studios provides photography services to apparel brands, fashion designers and accessories designers. We offer photography for look books and catalogs, eCommerce, line sheets and social media.
Model Photography
Garrin Evan Studios provides aspiring and established models with photos for model portfolios and model comp cards.†
Lingerie Photography
Garrin Evan Studios provides photography for lingerie brands and lingerie designers in need of images for look books, catalogs, eCommerce and social media.
Fitness Photography
Garrin Evan Studios provides fitness photography for athleisure and sportswear brands, fitness centers and personal trainers.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
Truly brilliant photographer, we have worked with Garrin on numerous projects. Garrin really cares about his clients and work. Trustworthy, decent and highly professional. Amazing Photographer. Grateful for the collaboration.
ByPurposeful Films
Testimonial #2
I denote Garrin Evan Studios for your upcoming photographic experience. If you are longing for a superlative photo then Garrin Evan Studio will make sure you attain this. From finding the ultimate locations to portray your image, to providing hair, make-up, and lighting assistants to enhance your elegance, his flawless style will not only fascinate you but also create a relaxing and fun experience. Garrin Evan is very preeminent in his profession which is extremely hard to find. Have fun!!!
ByJoanna Heath
Testimonial #3
I hired Garrin Evan for an editorial fashion shoot for Muses & Visionaries Magazine. As a fashion editor, I found Garrin's vision in line with my own: high-end, creative and aesthetically pleasing. When I reached out to Garrin regarding a quote, he responded asap. He was very professional during the shoot and made sure that everything turned out perfect. If you are looking for a responsible photographer who creates stunning images, Garrin is your man.
ByZlata Kotmina
Testimonial #4
I have worked with Garrin on various accounts, and his one of the best photographers in South Florida. I highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for great images for their families or business.
BySandy M.
Testimonial #5
Hi Garrin! WOW, your photos are beautiful! I am so glad that Melissa was able to introduce us. Everyone within our organization has been raving about your photos. One person said she thinks they are the best photos we've ever had at an event.
ByJill F. (Corporate Event Producer)
Testimonial #6
Garrin, you took the best pictures of my band man! In fact the best anyone has ever taken of anything! Stay awesome brother.
ByJared S.
Testimonial #7
As a Producer of many Fashion Shows and events, i had the chance to work with Garrin. Garrin is very detailed oriented which is why i hired him as a photographer, i was 110% "SATISFIED" with his work and knowledge. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a top of the line PHOTOGRAPHER, his mere perfection and quality speaks for itself. You will not be disappointed with his work and will rehire him for your next event again and again.
ByLennon C.
Testimonial #8
Really brilliant photographer. Trustworthy, highly professional and genuine. Highly recommended. Grateful for Garrin.
ByJennifer Popken
Testimonial #9
Garrin exceeded my expectations with a photographer. I had some creative ideas that would be strange for most photoshoots, and he went above and beyond to facilitate them and help make them even better than i imagined.
He also offered water and an apple when the shoot become long and taxing. I highly recommend him.
ByMark Rossbach
Testimonial #10
Without hesitation I recommend Garrin Evan Studios for your photographic needs. Garrin is creative and hard working with meticulous attention to detail.
ByGeorgina Scott
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