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At the Glendale Halloween Time Superstore, we understand that for many Halloween loversóthis goes beyond just a costume and decorations.† Therefore, not only do we guarantee the most affordable creative Halloween costumes, but we make certain these Ďmake a lasting first impressioní.† For well over 10 years weíve been delivering everything consumers need to pull off a stunning Halloween party and more!† A unique and exciting shopping experience is the ambition of Glendaleóand our many positive Yelp reviews illustrates we donít disappoint.†

We have no doubt that we can bewitch your party goers and have your home designed to transform it from ordinary to extraordinarily SPOOKY!† The authenticity and quality found with our merchandise is realóand just what Halloween fans are looking for!† But we donít want our potential shoppers to take our word for it, we want you to discover for yourself why we are known as a leader.† While we work hard to go above and beyond, we always think of our shoppers and how we can make each yearís experience better than the last!
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221 N. Glendale Ave
Glendale, CA
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(818) 243-7550
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Costumes of All Types
Glendale Halloween store provides the costumes of all types. We have got costumes that will make people shock and laughter. We have scary Halloween costumes that will make people scream. And we have the costumes that will make your Halloween season an unforgettable memory. If you want to portray some particular character such as Dracula or Bride of Frankenstein, our classic costumes would be the right choice for you. If you are a Superman or a Spiderman fan, there is a huge selection of convention costumes to choose from. You can also portray the Cosplay character by purchasing the cosplay costumes from our Halloween superstore. Besides that, you will also find clearance costumes, baby, infant and toddler costumes, Pre-Schoolers costumes, Buntings costumes and a lot more.
A great mask is that what you need to add an extra fun to your costume, and convert a mind-numbing outfit to a mind blowing one. With our largest collection of scary and cool masks, you can transform yourself into your favorite character quickly, easily and seamlessly. The best thing about our Glendale Halloween Superstore is that you will get a lot of varieties of masks. Whether you are looking for celebrity mask, feather masquerade masks, scary masks, TV and movie mask, Venetian masks, domino mask or president masks, we have them all.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
This place is great! They have an amazing selection of costumes, masks, and makeup; everything I needed to take my costume to the next level was there. The staff were nice and very helpful, and the fact that they have fitting rooms makes everything so much easier. I donít have to worry about taking anything back because I know it all fits. So far, this has been the most successful Halloween shopping experience Iíve had and I will definitely keep coming back.
ByTara Adams-Clarke
Testimonial #2
Outstanding variety and options for costume ideas. Staff very knowledgeable with all my questions and ideas for putting together my Outfits.
ByErika Watts
Testimonial #3
I donít write many reviews; but I had to write a review for my experience at Glendale Halloween. I have been coming to this store for over 5 years and just now decided to write a review. First of all, the store is massive. While other places have just a few items, this place is packed with everything you will need. I hate going to a bunch of places to get items here and there. Iím in and out and donít need to worry. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. Whenever I have difficulty finding certain items through the mountains of inventory; the staff is always there to help me out.

Another thing that was a BIG PLUS was that they have many dressing rooms and they let you try on the costumes to make sure itís the right size. Other places donít let you do that and will not refund you your money if itís not the right size. I recommend this place highly for the large inventory selection, competitive prices, and fantastic staff! Two thumbs up!
ByGevorg Mkrtchian
Testimonial #4
This is the only Halloween store I stop by year after year. Theyíre located in an awesome shopping center in Glendale, right next to Burbank, Pasadena and not too far from the valley. They have everything you need from masks, Makeup, home decoration, office decorations and of course a bunch of costumes. The people who work here are really nice and always help me find what I need.
ByHrant Khrimian
Testimonial #5
This is the perfect place for anyone who loves Halloween! The ambiance, organization and customer service is amazing at this place. They have everything from costumes, makeup, specialty items, kids costumes and decorations for your house or office at work. You will definitely find what you're looking for and something more when visiting them.
ByNatalie Sahakian
Testimonial #6
They have everything you can imagine! Helpful staff, wide variety to choose from. Fun store, costumes for all ages! Great for finding decorations for your office or home!
ByRyan Mardirosian
Testimonial #7
Came in to Glendale Halloween with my son. We usually like to shop around, really liked the selection here. My son got a nice avengers suit and I picked up something fun for my wife. Everyone was very polite and checked up on us. Fitting rooms were quick and easy and my son was happy. Easy to park, and they have it all. Our go to halloween store from now on. Thank you for making my son smile.
ByTony G.
Testimonial #8
This place is huge with a great selection! It's impossible not to find the perfect costume
ByKarine Vartanian
Testimonial #9
Overwhelmed by how big this store is. So much to choose from but staff is very friendly and very helpful. Beats going to Party City anytime.
ByAdrianna Arias
Testimonial #10
Looked all over Burbank, Sherman Oaks, Hollywood and Pasadena for a Halloween store filled with tons of costumes and makeup, ended up at Glendale Inside Glendale Halloween and WOW this store had everything we were looking for. From decorations for our backyard, front yard, inside the home and costumes for all ages and accessories for days.
ByLovely Littleleana
Testimonial #11
Wanted a high quality costume for a party we are hosting this Halloween. We stopped by a Costume Rental place called the Costume Shoppe, but found nothing but old used jackets and random pieces of clothing, nothing worth wearing. Then we went to the other Halloween store near me, on Glendale Ave bottom floor by Ralphs. They had it all, from costumes to masks to make up to decorations. Glendale Halloween had costumes in all types of quality and great prices.

We were greeted by a friendly staff member who gave us a walk through and helped my wife and I find exactly what we were looking for. The size of this store was amazing, and everything was so organized. We can't wait to go back to get our children their costumes.
ByChris Garabedian
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Best Halloween Store in MontroseExcellent
I went to this Montrose Halloween Store to buy a historical costume for a theater play and end up leaving some just fantastic. I bought An Abraham Lincoln costume pack and a Ben Franklin wig. The biggest costume store I have ever seen. A great array of costumes, top-notch service.
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