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Our company supplies licensed security guards to New York businesses in need of protection and peace of mind. Our security services are designed to provide physical security presence and to deter any unwanted crime from happening on your property. Our officers can patrol your building day and night, making sure that it's safe from theft and vandalism. Our bodyguards/executive protection agents are armed and can provide escort services as needed. Contact us for a free quote.
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NYC, Nassau County
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  • Servicing residential, commercial and industrial clients
  • Licensed, insured and bonded
  • Year established: 2015
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1460 Broadway
New York, NY
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Security Guards
Our security team has been providing professional solutions to clients utilizing complete know-how and revolutionary technologies. We are well equipped to supply security for round-the-clock protection of critical infrastructure facilities and higher priority target locations.

We possess the needed experience along with dynamic field supervision. Our field supervision is supported by our management team who conduct random site inspections. We offer high quality, professional, retail security who interface with the public and even desk security solutions.

Our uniformed guards are educated in all aspects of perimeter area security. This service is perfect for construction sites, schools, residence or business. We have expert systems developed for:

Access Control
Alarm Monitoring and Response
Concierge Solutions
Employee Escorts
Every Day Activity Reports
Lock Up and Alarm
Visitor Log-In
Bodyguard Services
There’s no need to worry about your safety any longer. Here at Guard Security we take pride in the outstanding personal bodyguard services we offer. Our mission is to provide high quality personal protection that caters to the utmost convenience of our clients, without breaking the bank.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
I hired this security company for our art gallery in Manhattan last weekend. They showed up on time and followed our post orders. When a intoxicated individual started being rude, the two security guards politely escorted him out. They greeted our guests and made everyone feel safe and comfortable.
ByJesus E. Colon
Testimonial #2
We booked a security guard for our event relatively last minute and they responded quickly, professionally, and readily accommodated our needs. The security guard that was sent to our event arrived early and was incredibly kind and helpful. The service was great and we'll be using them again next year!
ByBridget McElduff
Testimonial #3
These guys are super professional! Their two military trained guards came promptly on time and were ready to work. They stood like statues at their posts all evening; unlike most security guards we've had that just play on their phones for their whole shift. If you want professional service for your wedding, social event, or estate sale, I would definitely recommend these guys!
ByThomas Lloyd
Testimonial #4
Finding a reliable security guard service in New York can be pretty tough. We have used many different companies for our events throughout NYC and have experienced poor management and untrained security officers. This changed when we found Guard Security. We were doing an event for one of our clients at the NYC Seminar and Conference Center and were expecting security to show up at 8pm and stay until 8am the next day. For the first time in many years, security guards showed up early, around 7:30pm. They had fitted suits on as requested and spoke perfect English. We were so impressed with this security company that ever since then, we always use Guard Security and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for event security guards in New York!
ByKenneth Ford
Testimonial #5
Been using Guard Security services for key holding and monitoring for a number of years and have to say that it is an invaluable help to the school and all employees. Good service, good people. Thanks
ByAlamin Rokey
Testimonial #6
Last weekend was the third time that we hired Guard Security and I feel obligated to review this company. We own a small packaging business in New York and often have vandalism and break-ins. That was the main reason we needed to hire a security guard service in the first place. Since GS started, we had zero break-ins and very low graffiti on our building which is a HUGE success! The security guards who work at our company are fully uniformed with highly visible patrol cars. If you looked from far away, you would think they were NYPD and not private security officers. This is why crime at our property was reduced.
BySean Krainster
Testimonial #7
Excellent NYC security guards, superior service. After hiring Guard Security, our property crime went down. I highly recommend it for all of your protection and prevention needs.
ByDennis K.
Testimonial #8
My boss hired guard security when we were doing hostile employee terminations at our New York office to provide our staff with peace of mind. The company sent 2 security guards, one in uniform and one in plain clothes. They were both armed and highly professional. Our team was able to focus on work while the terminations went by smoothly. We all had a pleasant experience with this security guard service.
ByAzra Harris
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