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Veterinarians in Saint Paul, MN
Veterinarians in Saint Paul, MN Our tradition is to supply compassionate and professional care for the lifetime of your pet. We look ahead to serving both you and your pet and together we can form a partnership to guarantee the finest care possible. We're a complete service animal hospital, meaning that anything your pet requirements you can find it here. We value every customer so we take the time to listen and answer all your questions. We're a proud member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)

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8154 Hudson Rd
Saint Paul, MN
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Hudson Road Grooming - Ronald T Clappier
read moreWe have been monitoring and adapting to all the federal and state regulations over these last couple weeks. During this time our operating protocols have changed dramatically while the quality of our veterinary medicine has remained the same. We are still continuing important preventative and wellness services for your pet as we see this as an integral component of disease prevention and public health protection. Over the following week(s), we may change our operating hours to ensure we have adequate team members to help you and your pet.

About Us
read moreDo you have an interest in working with us? There are many opportunities to work with animals and Hudson Road Animal Hospital may have a position for you! We are seeking a full-time Certified Veterinary Technician to join our team! Hudson Road Animal Hospital is an exclusive small animal practice nestled in the suburbs of the Twin Cities. We are an AAHA certified practice with over 55 years in the community. We are a progressive hospital offering modern therapies such as acupuncture and laser therapy.

Medical Services
read moreHudson Road Animal Hospital is a full service animal hospital. We offer diagnostic, surgical, and critical care services. Our diagnostic services include an in-house laboratory, radiology, EKGs, and ultrasound. Orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries are performed using human-quality gas anesthesia. Our critical care facility features blood pressure monitors, pulse oximetry, EKG monitors, oxygen cages, and temperature and humidity-controlled intensive care units. We also have acupuncture available as a popular alternative to traditional medicine.

Preventative Care
read moreRoutine physical examinations offer the best protection for your pet. These examinations help us detect problems in their early stages. This can help you avoid costly medical bills if the problems are left alone to worsen. Pets age four to six times faster than humans. Because of this fact, pets need routine physical examinations more often and it is recommended that they have physical examinations yearly. At these visits, we may recommend laboratory work to look for organ and blood diseases which are difficult to detect on a routine physical examination.

Pet Dental Care
read moreThe dental proverb, "Be true to your teeth or they will be false to you, " is true not only for humans, but for pets as well. Unfortunately, false teeth for dogs and cats aren't an option, at least not yet. That's just one of the reasons proper dental care is important for your dog or cat. Pets need strong, healthy teeth for chewing, grooming and enjoying daily activities like fetching a stick or picking up a ball. Even more important to note, pets need good teeth because dental disease, left untreated, can be life threatening.

Geriatric Medicine
read morePets age must faster than humans do. A year between health check-ups for your pet is like you getting a physical examination every 4-6 years. Older pets require more frequent wellness examinations to help detect changes in their early stages. As your pet ages, their body starts to "wear out" which can lead to organ dysfunction or certain disease processes. Part of your pet becoming a senior citizen means that they will need routine laboratory work. A thorough physical examination cannot always find a disease process without further testing.

read moreWhen someone undergoes surgery, usually some form of anesthesia is used to alleviate the pain. Just like humans, animals also need anesthesia to reduce the pain during surgical procedures. Animals can't tell us if they feel pain, but we know pain exists. Anesthesia is essential in surgical operations because it ensures a safe procedure. If an animal were to move due to pain, the doctor would not be able to perform a safe procedure. Anesthesia can be thought of as a short nap for your pet, which helps them safely through a surgical procedure.

read moreWe provide a wide range of surgical procedures including orthopedic, cosmetic, general and laser surgery. Each of these procedures is performed in a dedicated surgery room. The environment is kept sterile, just like in a human hospital. Just as your doctor would require presurgical screening for you, your pet needs presurgical screening to determine their health status. This screening is important to your pet's safety by identifying any problems that were not readily apparent after a thorough physical examination.
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