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John McDuff is a sole practitioner focused exclusively on business and tax law. He has more than 20 years of experience serving discriminating clients in Austin, Texas. McDuff has structured and closed transactions worth tens of millions, including triangular transactions, money center transactions and international transactions. He has served as an expert witness in estate law, corporate law, and tax law. In lawsuits, McDuff has secured results as high as five million dollars.
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111 Congress Ave, Ste 400
Austin, TX
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(512) 457-1177
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Tax Collection
In tax collection, you must be careful since the federal government has many years to collect on your back taxes. The IRS may put you on a payment plan and/or under a lien which can severely limit your lifestyle. There are always collateral matters in these cases. Are you sure that you do owe back taxes? There are ways to contest a tax debt that has already been assessed. John McDuff provides experienced, knowledgeable counsel in tax collection matters, such as:

Tax Collection Appeals
Currently Not Collectible Status
IRS Installment Plans
Tax Liens & Seizures
Transferee Liability
And Much More…
Tax Litigation
The IRS is demanding more money from you, but you believe you have a reason to challenge them. This is a tax controversy. In this kind of case, it is important to follow best tax litigation procedures to defeat the claims made by the IRS and to emerge in as strong a position as possible.
Business Litigation
The need for quality legal representation can arise at any time in the course of business. It could be a misrepresented business opportunity (such as investment fraud); there may be conflicts over the control of a business; it may be a stalemate over the terms of a contract. Whatever the case, if you have a business related dispute, you need an experienced business lawyer who can protect your interests and efficiently resolve the conflict.
Business Transactions
In business transactions, it is important to determine the contractual terms that will help to avoid future disputes, minimize tax liability, and generally ensure the deal goes smoothly. John McDuff has over 20 years of experience assisting his clients in the negotiation of business transactions. The Law Office of John McDuff, P.C. handles several types of business transactions, including:

Mergers and Acquisitions
Buying or Selling a Business
Asset Purchases
Closing a Business
Complex Business Startups
And Much More…
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
I would like to testify as to the qualifications and expertise of my company's attorney, who has also become my personal counsel. His approach is direct, honest and committed to his client. With a dedicated work ethic, he tenaciously works in the interest of his client with a take-charge attitude that demonstrates his knowledge, honesty, enthusiasm and caring.

He is easily accessible to his clients, demonstrating authentic personal service and dedication to his profession, as well as the best interest of his client.

Not only is he a distinguished attorney but also holds a Degree as a Certified Public Accountant, which enables him to cross reference information to better serve his client.

I highly recommend John McDuff for legal services.
ByTim Gerbel-Lucas
Testimonial #2
My parents used John for their estate and tax planning. They were so impressed I used him also. When my Mother passed away, we realized how much heartache and trouble John's work and advice had saved us. John is very smart. His work is meticulous and thorough. When my parents were still discussing things between themselves, John was very patient about when they signed the documents. We highly recommend his services.
ByLinda Paul
Testimonial #3
We have been working with John for the last couple of years as a business transaction attorney. He continues to be, and has been, nothing but timely, professional, and knowledgeable in all services rendered for us.

He is meticulous and thoughtful in every aspect, and we would highly recommend his services and still continue to build our relationship with him. His alacrity is continually a pleasant surprise.
ByMatt Mayfield
Testimonial #4
John McDuff is the king of Austin tax lawyers--he's a very senior attorney that knows the ins and outs of the State tax authorities. John helped us get up with sales tax; we operate in a foggy area, and he cleared us up. You won't find anyone more experienced or easier to deal with.
ByMichael David
Testimonial #5
After looking at several attorneys to handle my case, I selected John. It was the best choice I could have made. He has given me peace of mind and has handled my case with pure professionalism. I would definitely recommend using John to my friends or family if asked.
ByJason Hayley
Testimonial #6
John did an excellent job for us. He was professional and his communication with us could not have been better. I would recommend John to anyone looking for the best representation.
ByJerry Goldman
Testimonial #7
John McDuff is a lawyer and a CPA. He is brilliant on how to best apply the law to win your case. He is thorough and produces excellent detailed documents. You can depend on John to get what you need done the right way. I was impressed with his ability to get into the mindsets of opposing counsel.

John attended a meeting with regulators with us in Austin. The regulator was viciously screaming out of control. John got up and blasted them at the top of his lungs, he is fearless and impossible to intimidate....At that moment I knew we had won a very comfortable position in the case.

He has an amazing work ethic that was always reassuring to us that he had our best interest at heart. We have had John represent us in several matters and the results were excellent considering the facts. He will leave no stone un-turned. We are and will remain long term clients of John Mc Duff.
ByRichard Alexander
Testimonial #8
John helped me out of a very difficult Tax situation with the IRS involving foreign & domestic taxes.I also had an ongoing divorce situation.He was familiar with every problem that came up,and negotiated a deal with the IRS where they got their taxes & my ex got her rightful share.I highly recommend John,especially if you need to negotiate with the IRS.
ByWillie Morgan
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