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Doctors & Clinics in Baltimore, MD Clear vision depends on the eye admitting light rays. The light brings images into the eye and when they focus clearly on the camera film? Retina) at the back of the eye, the brain can interpret and name them clearly. Cataracts are an obstacle for the incoming light. The eye's crystalline lens becomes cloudy so that not all the light reaches the retina. Cataracts are progressive and at 1st can be managed with eyewear, but for most people, cataract surgery becomes a nice option when their decreased vision begins to affect their lifestyle.

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Katzen Eye Group
read moreWe believe today more than ever that our service and willingness to listen outweigh any words we could muster. For over 50 years, our goal has always been to provide quality care to everyone in the Baltimore community. Katzen is committed to protecting sight with a pledge to serve all and do so equally, without prejudice. We believe in the right to safe, caring, and equitable treatment for all in our practice: patients and teammates. We are in this together! Achieving the best results for patients begins with a team of eye care professionals that care about you and your family.

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read moreThe focus of the Katzen Concierge Center gives you the benefits and freedom of a life without glasses or contacts. Our state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience make it possible for us to determine the procedure that is best for you, based on your age and unique lifestyle. Our board-certified ophthalmologists perform various laser vision correction procedures, all to help patients live life with clear vision and healthy eyes. Concierge means caretaker. For us, care comes second to caring which means that our entire office and staff are oriented toward one common goal: you, and your improved vision-and improved life.
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