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Mercedes Benz Techs auto repair and service in Norcross Ga offers specialized services for Mercedes car owners. Services include transmission repair, key replacement, oil changes, engine repair and maintenance and much more.
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norcross, Atlanta, Georgia
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  • At Mercedes Benz Techs, we offer a wide variety of Mercedes specific auto service and repair.
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6020 Buford Hwy #10
Norcross, GA
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With Mercedes Benz Techs of Atlanta you get highly professional Mercedes technicians that provide an outstanding service an affordable rate backed up by our unsurpassed guarantee. We are trained not only to replace parts but rather diagnose the source of the fault and repair it right the first time using our STAR Diagnostics tool. All of our work comes with a full labor and parts unconditional warranty. If for whatever reason the part fails you can bring it back for a replacement at no cost to you, no questions asked.

So, donít risk your safety or the health of your Mercedes Benz with random mechanics that are not trained specifically to work on Mercedes. Go ahead and schedule your consultation today and be rest assured that your Mercedes Benz will be back on the road in no time, free of mechanical issues, and at a price you can afford!
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
These guys are amazing in their service, their knowledge, as well as pricing. I came in without an appointment and they took me, despite being an appointment only business. They are always packed and I can see why! They exceeded all my expectations in their professionalism and their prices; What would have been a 3000 or more visit to the dealership was done, Much to my satisfaction, for under 900. David, has been working on Mercedes for over 20 years and is incredibly personable! I will be bringing my vehicle here from now on and referring everyone I know! Thank you, Mercedes Benz Techs!
ByNicole Hill
Testimonial #2
Champions of Mercedes Benz service and repair! I am a Mercedes Benz Technician, I own a shop on the south side, but David and Mercedes Benz Techs is the ONLY team I trust when I'm in need of major work and/or advice. He and his staff are fully capable of accommodating all your service needs. Mercedes Benz Techs has done major repairs to my S600 V12 and several other Mercedes via referral from my shop. I purchased a CL600 V12 and he was my first stop to see if I made a sound buy -- Mercedes Benz Techs is an absolute must go when you need honest, trustworthy, dependable technicians.
ByKevin Smith
Testimonial #3
This was my first visit to service my vehicle at this shop.
Needless to say this place was nothing short of amazing. David shop Mgr/owner was hands down awesome! Very knowledgeable, honest and cares about the customer and their experience.
I didnít have an appointment but they were able to squeeze me in today and I really appreciated that. They gave me recommendations on things Iíll need in the future, by showing me versus telling me. Iíve never experienced this level of service at any service shops Iíve been to even at the Mercedes dealership.
These guys take it to the next level.
The best or nothing is Mercedes slogan and this place lives up to that. Iíll be bringing my vehicle only at Mercedes BenzTechs from now on.
Thank you Mercedes BenzTechs!!!
ByBrian E Hunter
Testimonial #4
David and his team is the best in town, I trust them way more then the dealership. Every time I call him if something is going on with my s550 Benz he will take care of it.
ByJay Douglas
Testimonial #5
Wow!! The service here is fantastic! Very helpful people always making the customers happy on their car. I highly recommend for anyone with a Mercedes that this is the place you should be coming to! Your car will be attending the best service you can imagine!!!
ByBrangly Bautista
Testimonial #6
I love this place!!! Rarely do you hear people say they trust a mechanic but I 100% trust these guys. They know their stuff!!! I been here several times with my car. Their prices are very reasonable everyone is friendly and courteous. And what I love the most is that when the work is done if you want to go back and see what they have done to your car they will gladly walk you back show you the old parts the new parts and answer any questions you might have. I come all the way from the Southside but it's worth the drive.
ByAndrea Shearer
Testimonial #7
Excellent service, David has to be the most knowledgeable mechanic I met concerning Mercedes Benz automobiles, after being told by 2-3 different mechanics I needed a new transmission David took the time and fully diagnosis the car saving me thousands of dollars with just replacing the TCU component I wouldn't take my Mercedes anywhere else!!
ByKevin Davis
Testimonial #8
Wow...David and the staff are so professional and nice. They diagnosis the problem and charged the minimum possible. I totally recommend anyone in the surrounding area to frequent Mercedes Benz Techs. You will not be disappointed!!!
ByDr. Kenneth Dickerson
Testimonial #9
After having a small malfunction with my MB transmission I started looking for a shop that would have the expertise and equipment to diagnose it. Since the transmission is one of the more sophisticated ones from MB (722.9) I knew it would take someone that really knew MB. After researching possible shops, I settled on MB Techs in Atlanta.

Yes, I live in the Charlotte NC area, but decided to drive to ATL to have this looked at. David was extremely knowledgeable and ran a diagnosis, he explained what was happening and recommended a solution. (MB Techs is an authorized MB independent repair shop with experienced techs).

David was able to fix the problem quickly and completely at about 1/3 what the dealer would have charged. David obtained the part needed directly from MB and completed the installation and programming using his Star Tech system that accesses the MB database.

While performing the work David also pointed out several other items that needed attention. He took the time to show and explain what needed to be done. I had those done at the same time. If you are looking for someone to make a repair on your MB, it would be worth your time and drive to have David take a look at it.
ByRusty Callihan
Testimonial #10
I have been a loyal customer for three years and wouldn't trust anyone else to service my Mercedes. They are exceptional on every level. Very knowledgeable and will happily take the time to explain the repair process. They have always had my cars serviced very quickly and last but not least affordability. Thanks guys, very happy!!!!
ByCourtney Nichols
Testimonial #11
A FOREVER customer who ONLY trusts David, Tracy and Team! Their quality, expertise, and customer service is UNMATCHED! Mercedes Benz Techs. - my vehicle and I love you guys for all that you continue to do!
BySheena Masani Miles
Testimonial #12
They saved me a lot of money on servicing my Benz. They used original Mercedes parts and were very fast and honest. Didn't try to upsell me on a bunch of stuff I didn't need. I had them also do some repairs and it didn't void my warranty and they even gave me a one year warranty on the work they did. I will definitely keep going to them instead of the dealer for all my needs with my car. I really appreciate it guys.
ByJerome Howard
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