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  • Fast and Easy Quotes
  • Great Customer Service
  • Professional Movers
  • Moving Insurance
  • PUC Licensed
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Free Materials
  • Professional Equipment
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  • PUC Licensed
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10410 Spectrum
Irvine, CA
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Migration has been an essential process to human beings since time immemorial. People migrate because of many reasons such as economic, social, and political reasons. This habit provides an important avenue to provide residential movers solutions as a business to ease the pressure of relocation on your part.
During residential relocations, many factors come into play and choosing the right residential moving company will ease the stress associated with relocation. We provide solutions for all your residential moving services needs. Below are reasons as to why we are the best.
Every so often, a commercial establishment like an office or business needs to relocate to new premises. It might be because of up scaling or downsizing. We offer specialized commercial relocation services to allow the company to resume normal operations.
Entire commercial moving services come with its high and lows, and it is for this reason that careful planning should go into the commercial movers logistics and processes.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
I want to thank Movers Best moving company for its excellent work. Frankly, I didnít really want to use the services of the moving companies on the move, as I moved 3 years ago and the experience was not very pleasant: the price is too high, movers were inexperienced, and yes it took to much time to move my stuff.
My sister advised me to use Movers Best, she used their services when they moved out of her office. I decided not to waste my time and use professionals, so they took care of everything.
I had a 2 bedroom apartment and storage moving. I did not have a lot of things, so the 3 movers and a truck was enough for me. Guys came, they quickly packed up my stuff, loaded the truck and drove to the storage. I was waiting for them in the new apartment, an hour later they were with me. The whole move took about 6 hours. But I can say for sure that no one could do the job faster and more professional these guys.
Yes, I also needed an additional boxes, and the guys have not included them in the bill, which is very nice.
In general, I recommend this company! Good guys and a great management!
ByJason Jester Havol
Testimonial #2
I am so happy to have hired this company. They're movers were great! Packed everything nicely and moved them without any problems. They were clearly experienced seeing how the whole moving was done efficiently. I am definitely going to recommend them to my friends as well!
ByInez Reese
Testimonial #3
Indeed, the best moving company that I can honestly recommended to others. Their team of movers were experienced and diligent. I had never encountered a moving done so smoothly because my past experiences weren't as good as this one!
ByDonetta Wulf
Testimonial #4
Wow! What great service. Mike and Platon at Movers Best were awesome. They showed up on time, moved heavy fragile furniture from the second floor to another second floor without damaging anything, and finished in record time.

Best moving company I have ever used and would definitely use these guys in the future
ByThaer K.
Testimonial #5
Had a great experience platon and Michael very professional and efficient. Move everything with ease and in a timely manor they moved a fridge upstairs and some stuff in the garage,took less than. Three hours. Nice efficient and I would use them again.
ByJeremy R.
Testimonial #6
Very quick for how much stuff needed to be moved! Both of them were very polite and kept up casual conversation without missing a beat on the furniture moving! They came on time and finished on time exactly when we discussed how long it would take. I would highly recommend hiring them again if we ever need to move again!
BySteve N.
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