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GPS Tracking Company in Nashville, TN Situatedin Nashville, TN our companyprovides you quality, Real-Time GPS tracking devices easily mounted to your vehicle. We use state of the art technology in all of our tracking systems. We offer Full Sales, Service and Installation or our Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices. We Service Not only Nashville, TN But all seven surrounding states as well.
Easily view up to date details on the location of one or more vehicles. Perfect for:

- Company GPS Tracking Fleet Management
- New Teenage Drivers
- 24-7 Theft Protection & Control
- Buy Here Pay Here Dealers
- Much More!

Our services include professional installation, user support and ongoing monitoring. Our innovative devices are Professionally installed by our Mobile install team. You can easily monitor vehicle location, speed and much more. Our systems include:

- Fleet GPS Tracking
- Teen GPS Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring
- Personal GPS Vehicle Tracking
- Theft Prevention and Asset Tracking, Boats, Trailers, Portable Storage Units
- DEI Remote Start/ Security Systems
- Viper Smart Start Systems & Smart Start with GPS
- Breathalizer immobilyzers

Using the Internet you can quickly locate your vehicle(s) on demand. Access information from your smart phone or wireless device.

- Display Vehicle Speed
- Locate on Demand with Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices
- trakSMS (Locate, Enable/Disable Vehicles Using Mobile Phone)
- Starter Enable/Disable
- Programmable Geo-Fences
- Device Commands Event Scheduler
- Seven Day No-Movement Alert
- Sub-Account Management
- Multiple Search Criteria Options
- Multiple Levels of User Security
- Trak Transfer
- Quick Map-It Views
- Outstanding Alert Notification
- Last Known Location Displayed
- Unlimited History Retention
- Quick View 90-Day History
- Microsoft Virtual Earth Mapping
- U.S., Mexico and Canada Mapping
- Road, Aerial and Birds eye Mapping Views
- OBD II Harness (Optional)
- Warning Buzzer (Optional)
- Battery Back-up (Optional)
- Low Battery Voltage Notification (With Battery Back-up)
- Much More!!

Our companyis committed to giving you all you expect out of Real-Time GPS Tracking and so much more.We Guarantee the lowest price and the best product and we back it with our lifetime warranty on everything we sell or Install! Lifetime warranty includes free removal of any device we installed. Our devices can easily be removed and Installed in another car, making this an investment that will last a lifetime.
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  • Serving residential, commercial and industrial clients
  • Licensed, insured and bonded
  • Year established: 2009
  • Number of employees: 6
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  • No Contracts
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Nashville, TN
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Products & Services

Teen Vehicle Tracking
read moreWe offer cutting edge Real-Time GPS tracking Device technology to track teen drivers. We offer exceptional quality devices at the best price, Guaranteed. Our services include complete installation services and ongoing support with all of your tracking needs. We also provide a lifetime warranty on all equipment and services.

Our devices allow you to instantly see the exact location of your teen driver. You get a bird's eye view of their driving patterns and whereabouts. As parents, you have absolute control over your teen driver and their activities. You instantly are able to view the precise speed of your teen. We also offer the Viper Smart Start System, when used with our tracking devices, we are able to put You back in the drivers seat and give you full control of the vehicle from anywhere with your smart phone. If they need the vehicle, but you don't want them driving without your permission, We are able to make it where they ask permission to use vehicle, you unlock the doors and start the vehicle from your phone, then they can get in and drive away. With our devices you will know where they are the entire way. Not only Giving you full control, but giving you the peace of mind that comes along with knowing your children are driving safely. Parents often spend time worrying about the driving habits of their teenagers! Our GPS tracking devices allow you to view your teen's driving location, speed and much more all from your computer or smart phone.

Fleet Services
read moreWhether you have a fleet of 1 or 1500 Nashville Tracking Services puts the power back in your hands.

- Track every 1, 2 or 5 minutes

- All Vehicles are on the same screen at the same time.

- Set speed alerts and Restrictions

- Open Service Plans with No Contracts

- Set geofence alerts

- Maintenance alerts

- Intelligent dispatch capability - use GPS fleet tracking to find your closest vehicle

- Instant Locates to know a vehicles location is in between updates

- Disable the starter and prevent a vehicle from being driven

- Unlock your vehicles' doors from the Web or any telephone

- Set Idle Alerts

- Increase safety and Driver Responsibility

- Save man hours (Less Overtime)

- Less Wasted Time, More Productivity

- Much Improved Fuel Savings

- Eliminate after hour vehicle useage

Our companyoffers state of the art Real-Time GPS Tracking Units that are specifically designed to meet the needs of any size fleet or business. Contact Us today, One of our trained advisors will help get you on the right path to Increase your profits and keep safety your number one priority.


Ric Edelson, Owner, Evaporated AC Service and Repair LLC
read moreWe did our home work and hands down Nashville Tracking Services offered all of the features of other companies for half the price. They delivered for us, Now we know exactly where our employees are and how long they have been there. we can see idle reports, stop reports, and set speed alerts and restrictions. We have been able to make 30% more service calls, and somehow have 10% less labor than we had before implementing GPS Tracking on all of our Fleet Vehicles, not to mention the money we are saving on gas. Thank you Nashville Tracking Services for giving us control of our empoyees again, and Increasing our Bottom Line Tremendously.

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Betty Ramos
Nashville, TN
Feb 04, 2012
Awesome Guys
I needed help Tracking my Teenagers new car. She was out of control and i was afraid she would get into trouble. I called Nashville Tracking Services and they installed a GPS Tracking Device on her car, she never knew a thing. Later that night I caught her driving where she was not supposed to be and lying about where she was. I disabled her ignition from my computer and waited til she decided it was time to come home, she tried to start the car and it would not move. She had no choice but to call me and explain where she was and that her car would not start. I played it cool, never letting on that i had disabled the starter. I drove up to where she was and hit enable from my smart phone, went up to the car and it started. Needless to say she is grounded and does not have use of the vehicle until she can prove she is responsible. GPS Tracking is the best tool a parent can have on their teenagers vehicle to ensure they are driving safe and where they are supposed to be. thanks, Nashville Tracking Services for all your Help!!
Can make sure teenager is driving safely
Value for Money — Awesome
Service & Support — Top Notch
Quality — Above Average
Location — Best of all I did not have to leave the house
Value for Money
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