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Optima moving company offers local expertise, great price. We provide a friendly and reliable service. By carefully screening all our employees and regularly training them in the latest packing and moving methods, we ensure that you get the most dedicated, responsible and service-oriented professionals in the relocation business.

We are a quality driven organization dedicated to providing full service to our customers and give them attention they demand and deserve.  Our experienced sales team takes the time to listen, which enables us to work with you and to provide the Most Competitive Package that is right for your needs and the moving plan that best suits your budget.

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(877) 890-1163
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We provide quality local and long distance relocation services. Our team of experts can handle all your moving needs. Optima have moved thousands of satisfied customers locally in Maryland, Northern Virginia , and DC. If you are moving into a studio apartment or into a house, our company has the experience, the equipment and the manpower to serve you. We conduct residential moves on a daily basis; it has become second nature to us. That doesn't mean that your move will be "standard", because we value each client individually. Our extensive experience in residential relocation means that you can trust our professional moving teams to handle your household items.
We provide comprehensive commercial moving services. Optima`s commercial relocation manages all types of office moves, from simple executive relocation floor to floor, to moving entire corporate operations from one city to another. Optima moving offer the best solution for commercial moving.

Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
The 3 guys definitely did a GREAT JOB on my move. I had was the best crew and when I move my stuff out of storage, I definitely want the same crew to come back out
ByDavid Johnson
Testimonial #2
I just used this moving company and they were great. Their prices were very reasonable, almost half of what others were charging, and the service was amazing. I would highly recommend them.
ByMandy Blizzard
Testimonial #3
I thought this company was fast and professional. I used them to unload the truck that I already had packed. I called them last minute and they were able to accommodate me. The three workers that came out were very nice and did an amazing job. They also worked very fast. I would recommend using this company if you need help moving.
ByKadie McKay-Troutman
Testimonial #4
Recently, we re-located our office from a 2000 square foot space to a much smaller space. Optima's management worked with me to coordinate all of the logistics prior to the move. We had four delivery sites since we had to give away a lot of furniture and open up a storage unit. Our Optima's crew was so professional, fast and hard-working. The movers were extremely friendly and respectful. We had so many boxes, every time I turned around there were dozens of more boxes on dollies. The Optima's crew just kept lifting the boxes and moving the boxes always with a smile on their face. I recommend Optima to anyone who is moving, I felt like these guys treated our possessions like they were moving their own things. When you spend 8 hours with a moving crew you get a sense of the people and the company where they work, these guys are the real deal. Total pros.
Testimonial #5
So I was Moving to my new House and I have a lot of furniture and important stuff that I wanted to take with me so my husband told me if I could find the way Moving all the stuff then I could take it so I called Optima Moving and they really helped. They are really great Movers. I highly recommend them. Now I have everything I want in my new House. Thanks!!
Testimonial #6
I love this company. They've moved me 3 times and they are fast and efficient. The best part is that they're cheap!!! I've gone with many other movers and no one is better than this company. I recommend them to my friends and co-workers!!!
(877) 890-1163
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