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Too often we get trapped by labels ("fibromyalgia", "sciatica", "rotator cuff", "plantar fasciitis", etc.). While labels can help us understand, they are also limiting. They bring us the comfort of definition but are not a cure in themselves. Healing can only come from within your own body. Myofacial Release, as developed by John F. Barnes, works to augment your own body's healing by releasing your muscular and fascial restrictions. This works on its own and in consort with other treatments. How do I treat you? First by listening to you and feeling your body's tensions and restrictions. Next I use therapeutic touch to find and release your muscular and fascial restrictions. Finally by educating you with what I have seen and felt then teaching you ways that you can help your healing continue. You deserve to be treated as the individual you are. During a session, I treat you, not just your symptoms and diagnosis.
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  • member ABMP, CAMTC certified
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1913 Addison St. Suite 302
Berkeley, CA
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