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Want a recording that is made using the same modern techniques as larger, over-priced studios? Check out Perry Studio! We are a production/recording/graphics studio situated in Worcester, Massachusetts. Perry Studio specializes in everything from writing, production, recording and mixing music to voiceover services, graphic design and photography for a wide range of applications; independent artists and bands to music for TV, film and web applications. Let our experienced staff help you to realize your sound.



Our producers can handle any style that you desire. We specialize in custom arrangements for any application, whether it be for an artist, TV, film, videogame, or software.



We are a full service audio production facility. We have a state of the art production and recording room to accommodate many audio services needed. Our studio is designed to be comfortable to work in. With a relaxed vibe and atmosphere, we are extremely condusive to creativity, whether you need to create a hit record, record a vocal, or do post-production work. Our versatile staff is ready for any music or film related audio production.



Our designers are the best in the area, and can help you get the visual image that will take your music to the next level. Specializing in album art, poster and t-shirt design to websites and press kits, we have the tools and experience to give you an artistic edge on the competition.



We also offer photoshoots for bands, solo musicians, DJs, comedians, etc.

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