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Internet Access Provider in Costa Mesa, CA
Internet Access Provider in Costa Mesa, CA Quik Internet is a worldwide network of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with more staffed offices than any other supplier in the world. Over 170 Quik Internet offices are open in 19 countries providing specialized client service. Quik Internet representatives offer to visit clients homes or offices to help in the installation and ensure they become connected. Through its unique business model of placing ISPs within the cities it serves, Quik Internet offers Internet access, e-commerce solutions, Web site design and hosting, Internet classes and reseller programs.

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779 West Nineteenth Street
Costa Mesa, CA
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Quik Internet
read moreWe welcome your comments and suggestions on how we may serve you better (please, use our Feedback Form). As a member of the community, Quik Internet is interested in supporting local events and organizations that will better serve our community.

Quik Internet
read moreThe Beach Blend Coffee Cams from Newport Beach. One cam is located on the roof of the shop for an ariel view of Bolboa Pier, Main Street, the boardwalk, and the infamous Studio Cafe. The second cam is located on the ceiling near the front door to get a mug shot of each customer. From Lido Marina Village in beautiful Newport Beach, Seaside Financial brings you a live view of Newport Harbor. Image updates every 30 seconds. The Long Beach Camera, perched high atop city hall in downtown Long Beach, is on 24 hours per day and points at the turbulent, El Nio-fueled waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Quik Internet
read moreA new strain of virus is permeating the Internet even as you read this message. This virus attacks Windows computers which use Outlook Express as the mail client, and executes malicious code ****without opening an attachment. Merely by reading an infected message you can spread the virus to your computer and many others, without your knowledge. This virus is similiar to the 'Kak-worm' virus, and is only one of the first to come of this new strain. 2. Select the 'Security' tab at the top of the configuration window.
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