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Rehabilitation Center in Tucson, AZ
Rehabilitation Center in Tucson, AZ Offering quality care at affordable prices, Recovery In Motion provides a structured, caring, community-centered environment to facilitate lasting recovery. Located in Tucson, Arizona, Recovery In Motion Treatment Center offers a full-service, dual diagnosis program in a real life setting, optimizing our clients stay in the most holistic and relevant of ways.
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1604 N Country Club Road
Tucson, AZ
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Drug and Alcohol Detox
read moreOne of the scariest parts about getting sober is facing the inevitable symptoms of withdrawal. Many people who become addicted to alcohol or drugs are no longer using because they experience pleasure from the substance. More often than not when a person has a severe dependence to drugs or alcohol, theyre simply continuing to drink or use so they can feel well enough to function. Coming down from drugs or alcohol can produce feelings of restlessness, irritability and discontent. A drug and alcohol detox program is where you must start if youre ready to get sober.

Residential Rehab Program
read moreThere are several different levels of care to consider when the time comes to enter addiction treatment. In order to have the best chances at recovery, its important to understand what the levels of care are and how they benefit those struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Many people suffering from the disease of addiction dont want to fully commit to a program of recovery because they often dont understand how powerful the disease of addiction can be. By trying to start off with a lesser level of care, your chances of recovery may not be as strong. Beginning treatment by entering a residential rehab program is the best choice for many patients.


Faith Trip Meyers
read moreThis place saved my life. I got my family back and I started loving my self again. I'm glad I ended up staying the full 90 days. I learned how to fill and express my fillings with out getting high and stuffing them down. Through finding a sponcer, working steps and staying willing I learned a new way to live. RIM got me out of the insanity of life I was living. It works if you work it cuz were worth it. I could go on writing a book on how much I liked this place. Surrendering and turning my will and my life over to my Higher Power was key for me. The staff really cares about us and wants us to strive for success.

Pam Mack- Schultz
read moreRIM is a blessing to our family. It's been a year now since our son was at RIM. I will forever be grateful to them for what they did for him. He now knows that God had bigger plans for him he just needed a little help from the great staff at RIM, AZ. Thank you❤️❤️❤️

Maria Lavallee
read moreMy son stayed at rim for 120 days. Thank you for teaching him the skills necessary to succeed long-term sobriety. Hands-down the best recovery program I have ever seen!

Samantha Metcoff
read moreAmazing center! This is real treatment where people get better. I would give 10 stars if I could.

Amber Krysti
read moreR.I.M! Saved my life!!! I cannot thank this treatment facility enough! I must clarify that No company or person is nor could ever be 100% correct in all doings but this facility got me through detox & helped Me get Sober :-) They helped me while the numbness that I was using during my addiction wore off & these people helped me get back to reality, back to my children, back to my husband & away from all the bad!!!! They helped me to turn my negatives into positives and close the book of my past & create a new chapter in my life...if you truly want help this facility will give it to you like I said no one is perfect but if you truly want to be clean you can get it through therapy, AA and NA meetings and most importantly the community is so full of love and life it is amazing!!! truly a godsend :-) thank you recovery in motion!I will always be indebted to you :-)


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