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Shades of Texas has been a family owned and operated window film and treament company since 1989. We carry a full line of 3M window film products that include sun control, safety, security and decorative. We also provide a long line of window treatment products such as blinds, shades and shutters from some of the best names in the industry. Shades of Texas will provide quality service and quality products every step of the way.

Our goal is to provide every client with the highest level of customer service in the window tint industry. Our auto tinting advisers and commercial and residential window tint consultants provide a breadth of information about window film to allow the customer to choose the appropriate window glass tinting product for their specific needs.† Need something done?† Contact us!† We would love to assist you!
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603 Cypress Creek Rd
Austin, TX
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Home Window Tint
There is nothing better than letting in natural light in a home. Natural light saves energy, brightens areas and creates an ambiance that is comforting. However, that same sunlight can also cause hot spots and severe fading of furniture, carpets and walls. Our home window tint solutions by 3Mô reduce harmful rays, reject heat and reduce fading. In addition to these valuable benefits home window tint solutions can offer security benefits and aesthetic benefits as well.
Interior Window Shutters
We offer custom window shutters in a variety of colors, styles and materials. Our wide selection gives you ultimate creativity to design a unique look that is all your own. Our knowledgeable staff can help you pick the right shutters to make your project a success.
We carry only the highest quality shutters and stand behind the quality and craftsmanship our partners provide.†
Window Film
Light coming from a window is like a welcome friend that has come to visit. Windows can present a challenge when it comes to energy efficiency, glare, heat, and UV rays. Window film is the answer to those unwanted problems. It is applied directly to the interior glass surface in commercial buildings, residential homes, and cars.
With scorching temperatures outside, Austin residents are constantly seeking relief from the heat. Window . blinds make a functional, sleek, and simple solution for cooling and lighting a space. Austin residents can have control over the amount of light and heat that enter a room with their window blinds. They may even reduce your energy bill.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
Such a wonderful establishment!!! Outstanding customer service; they did so much more for us than their jobs entailed! My husband was out of town when we had scheduled our window tinting appointment. They offered to drive us and pick us up from the mall instead of having to wait.
Also love that they offer military discounts!
Will definitely recommend them and go there for future car inspections!
ByAlyssa Hashbarger
Testimonial #2
Great job! We took our newest car here and they did a fantastic job! They took the time to explain all the various tint options, did a great job of installing the tint, and told us to come back or call with any questions. Great doing business with a company like Shades of Texas! I highly recommend them for all of your window tint needs!
ByGreg Snyder
Testimonial #3
Called Shades of Texas at 3:00 concerning an open skylight that needed to be tinted ASAP. They absolutely handled it. Last minute deal, without problems or excuses. It was done in 30 min. As a General Contractor I feel they totally handled business. Did I mention they also do shutters @ every level. Prompt, local, and personable. Thumbs up !!!!
ByTodd Cornelius
Testimonial #4
Jacob was extremely helpful and took his time helping us with the options for our windows. Based on his advice, we went with a remote controlled shade instead of tinting. He went above and beyond to get this project completed from start to finish. He was a breath of fresh air in our home improvement process.
Larry came on install day and was the epitome of a professional taking special care and respecting our home. He had our install done in a timely manor and even offered to clean my ceiling fan while he was up 20' on scaffolding.
In the end, large or small job, Shades of Texas Window Tinting is highly recommended by us for your tinting and or shade needs.
Thanks again guys!
ByMike Bussey
Testimonial #5
I have taken 4 cars here over a span of 10 years and love it. They are about as far away from where I live in South West Austin, but they have great prices and a home feel about the place where you feel like "if its not right, they'll make it right" type of attitude.
I've always been happy, never had any problems. Always a busy place but with a reservation its a piece of cake.
ByS. Black
Testimonial #6
Recently had my side windows tinted here. Service was very friendly and they did the work while I waited. Free wi-fi, so I got a lot of work done while I waited. They did a great job and it makes a huge difference in the temperature in the car now. Wish I would have done that a long time ago! I love supporting local businesses and this is one I will definitely recommend. They also do inspections.
ByChristina Legrand
Testimonial #7
Jacob was our rep for shutters and window film. This is the type of employee everyone in America wants to hire! Polite, knowledgeable of his product and extremely professional. Jacob did not just push the top of the line product but listened to our needs and came up with a solution that fit our budget and worked for Shades of Texas as well. This guy will never need to look for employment everyone is looking for folks like Jacob.
Thank you Shades of Texas
BySherry Nogle
Testimonial #8
Shades of Texas is all that and a bag of chips! this last December I received a certificate from my father for Shades of Texas to get my windows Tented. He could not stop talking about how great they were how he had brought his last 3 vehicles to Shades of Texas to have the windows tinted and they had done a Perfect job every time. It was extremely easy to get done I called in and spoke with the friendly staff to set up an appointment. within 5 min i had an appointment and was off the phone. i showed up at my appointment where they told me it would be about 3 hours but i was welcome to stick around. they finished in just under 3 hours. and they did a Fantastic job. when i went out to my car and leave, the installer was still walking around the car in the sunlight just to make sure that the light did not reveal any imperfections. I highly Recommend Shades of Texas both for the quality of work and the people who work there. fantastic business
ByDustin Monceaux
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