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Silver Towing is your company in Oklahoma City for professional towing services. Everybody in Oklahoma City knows they can rely on us. Call Now: (405) 241-2480
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4336 SW 33rd St
Oklahoma City, OK
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(405) 241-2480
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Towing Services
We don`t just “do a job”, we make sure you get perfect results and leave completely satisfied with a roaring engine of a fixed up vehicle.

We are available 24/7, with a comprehensive package of towing services and solutions, delivered by trained and knowledgeable technicians. There is no arguing with experience – so make sure to always hire a qualified and experienced towing and roadside assistance company to do the job for you. Not only that, but our technicians always arrive with the proper machinery and required equipment, which assist them in doing a smooth, flawless fix.
Roadside Assistance
Our experts will gladly provide you with any solution you need, including:

Flat tire change
Towing services – local and long distance
Car lockout
Accident emergencies
Out of gas solutions
Dead battery jump-start
Dead battery replacement
Extracting broken/bent ignition key that’s stuck in the switch
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
In a time of need you guys provide an awesome service. I 1st called AAA since I am a member and advised them of the situation. They showed up with none of the special equipment needed for my vehicle & a very inexperienced driver. I can guarantee that I will be sending AAA your bill however I can almost guarantee what their response will be.

Thanks for being there with your experienced and personal drivers.
ByDavid Stroud
Testimonial #2
I was on my way to the hospital with my pregnant girlfriend when I blew out a front tire. I called up Silver Towing and they arrived in under 15 minutes. One quick tire chance later and a low cost, i was back on the road. I can be sure to recommend them to anyone who need assistance.
ByKarl Jones
Testimonial #3
Ramon was an amazing help. He was prompt and professional and kind. I was stranded and he kept me informed on ETA and even. Safest auto shop for my convenience. I am grateful to have used Silver Towing in such a stressful situation. I would recommend not only Ramon but the company in the future... fingers crossed do t want to need a towing a Company again :-)
BySarah Gambrell
Testimonial #4
Ramon was great. Very professional employees and quick services, from now on if I need a tow I know who to call! I will recommend!
ByDaniel Johns
Testimonial #5
Christian was the bomb. He was very professional. He was quick and very efficient. If I'm ever in a sticky situation I'd definitely hit up silver towing
ByJason Poyphom
Testimonial #6
Nothing but good things to say about my experience. I was stuck in a difficult situation (low parking garage )with multiple difficulties that were required to overcome to tow my car. Ramone, my driver, was not only extremely nice, but made it to me in under 20 mins and was able to get me back working with my client. Great service!
ByRussell Sanford
Testimonial #7
Awesome experience!! Fast and friendly. Ramone was extremely helpful. Awesome guy. Big help in time of need!!
ByMichael Powers
Testimonial #8
Very fast and easy service!! Towing was done within minutes of calling.
ByCory Cason
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(405) 241-2480
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MondayOpen 24hrs
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