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Communications & Networking in Stamford, CT Softdel enables OEMs engineer smart, connected products that power the industrial Internet of Things.

Over a decade ago, we foresaw an opportunity to deliver value to global automation OEMs by offering engineering solutions by blending technical expertise, domain understanding and process capabilities. Since then, we have constantly delighted our customers by delivering smart solutions through product innovation, product engineering, prototype manufacturing, quality and compliance testing, and more. We partner with our customers to easily and quickly embrace cutting-edge innovations such as:

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Machine-to-Machine Interfaces (M2M)

Smart products that communicate and collaborate over wireless networks and protocols

Smart grid, smart energy, smart lighting innovations built into products

Other emerging era technology innovations that are making products smarter

With our presence close to our customers in North America, Europe and Japan, we are a proven innovative and agile partner who can deliver high-quality, timely and affordable products and services.
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  • Year established: 1999
  • Number of employees: 190
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One Dock Street, Suite 201, Stamford
Stamford, CT
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Smart Lighting
read moreThe primary source of energy consumption across industries as well as commercial and residential establishments is lighting. Hence, the world is focused on energy saving by replacing traditional lighting with energy efficient automated lighting.

The growth of smart lighting is primarily driven by the growing need for reduction in energy consumption cost, increasing support by governments and awareness among the building owners.

Smart lighting technology includes efficient and smart fixtures, automated controls for adjustments based on occupancy, availability of daylight / consumer light effect preference based on correlated color temperature.

Smart Building
read moreToday, the need for smart buildings has grown globally. The key drivers for their increased adoption are :

Rising energy costs

Technological advancements

Government regulations

Consumers interest in optimizing energy usage

This has attracted many global industry OEMs to invest in new technology solutions required for smart buildings.


John Greene
read moreWe came to SoftDEL with little more than a concept. SoftDEL was able to take that concept and turn it into a revenue-generating reality. SoftDEL has exceeded expectations in every aspect of product development cycle. We are enthusiastic about working with SoftDEL on other projects including enhancements to the current BACnet solution. Well done, SoftDEL.


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