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When you hire me as your lawyer, you get an experienced criminal defense lawyer whose practice is concentrated on that area. You get a lawyer who sharpened his craft and knowledge of the law as a prosecutor in the early years of his career. You get a lawyer who spent the last decade trying cases and who looks forward to a fight in a courtroom. If you want a trial, you came to the right lawyer. This is no high-volume plea factory. And when you hire me, you get me: I will personally handle your case. There won’t be questions about why you hired me and I passed you off to an associate.

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1845 Walnut St Floor 25 #525
Philadelphia, PA
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(215) 666-0381
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Have you recently been arrested or convicted for a criminal offense? If so, we strongly advise you to retain the representation of our criminal defense law firm. For more than a decade, Lloyd Long has been aggressively defending the rights of the accused.
We offer award-winning representation and top-rated legal counsel to each of our clients. Remember, the attorney you choose today may make all the difference in the outcome of your case.  
Take immediate action to ensure your rights, freedom, and future are properly represented. Get in touch with our criminal defense law firm today to schedule your consultation.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
I got accused of a crime that could've cost my career and my family and it was terrifying. When I went to the offices of Krasner & Long I immediately felt some sense of hope after meeting with Lloyd Long. They listened to me and not once did I feel like a customer or client. I felt like they actually cared about helping me. Lloyd and his team were always in contact with me and made me feel safe and confident. They got all the facts, fought for me, and it was quick and successful. My family and I owe them everything!!!!
ByMichael Kornberger
Testimonial #2
Lloyd Long treated me with dignity, courtesy and respect. The outcome of my case was beyond my wildest dreams. I will forever be grateful to this man. Thank you!
ByJessica Preschutti
Testimonial #3
I had an excellent experience with Krasner & Long. They represented several of us in some civil rights charges and I felt grateful for what I experienced as a high quality blend of competence and compassion. At every step of our legal process, I felt cared for, well-informed, and empowered. I highly recommend this office - in part because if they can't provide you with what you need, they will let you know and even recommend someone who can. (Oh, and working with people who have a sense of humor in addition to being highly professional is always a bonus - particularly when one is dealing with something as potentially frustrating as our legal system.)
ByMichael Gagne
Testimonial #4
Finding myself in the wrong place at the wrong time had very serious consequences. My record was previously sparkling clean up until the moment I found myself needing council, Not something you can ever really be prepared for.
While under duress and anxiety and possible PTSD incurred by my case. I was referred to Lloyd Long and his firm at Krasner & Long, LLC. Lloyd answered as many questions and prepared me for what was about to happen and what my options were, without sugarcoating anything, he explained nothing was guaranteed, and did not mislead me to believe anything would be predictable. There were lots of obstacles and unforeseen hiccups that Mr. Long made as easy for me as possible and took into consideration my responsibilities outside of my case, and worked diligently with the courts to make it convenient for me to not take additional unnecessary time out of my work life to handle matters that were constantly being delayed and that he would take care of himself for me.
Mr. Long also understood my financial situation was also not entirely prepared for the type of legal counsel of quality outside of court appointed attorney, and worked generously with me to fit my budget, He did not cut any corners otherwise in his responsibilities to my case, he was always courteous and responsive in communications, and handled any fears or questions I might have in a very polite but down to earth manner. I can not thank him enough for getting me the best deal possible for what could have been the worse outcome for my situation. He was discreet and accommodating from day one to the end.

Thanks to Mr. Long I have retained my freedom and take nothing in life for granted, not even the most mundane life tasks.

There are few things you need in your arsenal of adulthood that you can count on and trust to not take advantage of you during a time in need and desperation, a good Mechanic, Plumber and a good Lawyer.
ByTanya Dakin
Testimonial #5
I have know Loyd Long for many years and he's a great lawyer. He has a genuine fighting spirit and wants what's best for his clients. More importantly he listens to what his clients want. He helped me a few years ago and I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a top notch defense attorney
ByNathaniel Miller
Testimonial #6
Lloyd is a brilliant attorney and has never hesitated to assist when I've had legal questions for him. As a fellow criminal defense lawyer, all I can say is this: if I were ever arrested, he's who I'd call.
ByLeo M Mulvihill Jr
Testimonial #7
Lloyd Long-integrity, integrity and integrity. He will work tirelessly for you. I made the right decision in choosing them to represent my son in a civil rights case. Both Lloyd and Larry firmly believe in what they are doing and are squarely on the side of the "little guy".
ByLorraine P.
Testimonial #8
Lloyd is an excellent lawyer. He is experienced, trustworthy and effective. I would highly recommend him.
ByLawrence Kalikhman
Testimonial #9
Whenever I have legal needs for advice, brainstorming or representation, I contact ferocious fighters at Krasner and Long. When a colleagues asks for a referral: Krasner & Long. When someone I know needs a lawyer, I give them the number to Krasner & Long.

If you want a connected, creative, dedicated and diligent attorney in your corner, Krasner and Long is the way to go. This unique firm has no equal in seeking justice, and no parallel anywhere else. They have represented me, as well as people and groups I care about, and obtained a successful outcome in our high profile civil rights and criminal cases--and personal injury too.

We are lucky to have such a powerhouse resource working here in Philadelphia.
ByPaul D.
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