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Towing Riders isnít just work, not to this company that has spent their years defining their work by the way it benefits a community. Towing Riders has been a part of the Dallas community, with their years of experience and honest pricing policy they have gained the favors of Dallas drivers. Licensed and bonded with a 24/7 dispatch service Towing Riders is set up for more than towing, theyíre the one stop shop for all the Dallas drivers out there. Towing Riders has everything you and your car might need if you fall victim to bad luck including in their auto towing services. Call Today - (972) 244-7067
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13301 Galleria Place #1323
Dallas, TX
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(972) 244-7067
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Towing service is first and foremost a service, especially for Towing Riders. They have made sure to organize their entire towing service around the needs of the client making it easier for drivers to know theyíre getting the Dallas towing service they deserve. Whether you need light duty towing, heavy duty towing, local and long distance towing, Towing Riders has the tow truck service to make sure you will get where you are going.
Car Lockout
Dallas Car lockout can occur with either a lost car key, a car key locked in the car, or a broken ignition key. These are the most common of car lockout situations and Towing Riders actually provides the solutions for each. But of course they are not the car lockout situations ones. Whatever your car lockout situation, lost car key or locked car key, Towing Riders is here for you 24 hours a day.
Roadside Assistance
Towing Riders has a secret that they know most towing companies donít divulge. That secret is this, Towing Riders knows what Dallas drivers really want is to simply make it home. Car trouble is not a help to that goal, as a matter of fact, when youíre driving in Dallas the last thing you want is to need a tire change, have a dead battery or even need to call for roadside assistance. Most companies donít help Dallas residents get home, they just know how to tow. But Towing Riders is trained in providing the best roadside assistance Dallas drivers can get.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
Y'all are amazing thanks so much for getting my car from where it was stranded. It was a great price and i owe u guys my life y'all rock and i had the best tow truck driver ever he was dope. definitely gonna call y'all next time i lose my keys.
ByOlivia Godwin
Testimonial #2
I had them tow my non-running car that was up under carport and had not been started or moved in 5yrs. Tires were flat. Required airing up all 4 tires and pushing car uphill and into alley. Driver did exactly as I asked and didn't fuss much. Did try to upsell on dollies to get entire car off ground but that was an additional $80 and I declined because I really couldn't afford it. Car had to go in a rear driveway at destination off an alley. Somewhat of a tight squeeze. Driver got it EXACTLY where I wanted it, and perfectly straight. Very happy with this company. Will use again. Price was reasonable. Not cheap but not expensive and when it was all said and done the quote they had given me over the phone was accurate! And there was no damage done to my vehicle despite low clearance front bumper. He used a jack to make sure my bumper cleared the arm on the tow truck when hooking and unhooking. He also drove carefully on the 5 mile trip which I appreciated very much. Very pleased.
Testimonial #3
Very professional, I spoke with Javier and he was very helpful and understanding, after having a ruff day, he really made my day much better, they did not take long to come and pick up my car, also asked them if they can send me a flat bed truck since my car is very low, and they sure did send the truck I requested, I highly recommended , I will use this Towing service for future. thank you guys y'all sure did a great job, even the driver very nice and friendly.
ByMaria Maldonado
Testimonial #4
We called one company for my jeep that wouldn't crank. They said 2 hours and after 3 we called back to get a voice mail. Then I called another towing company and I could barely hear them, they were so quiet and they gave a 2 hour estimate. I called towing riders and they had a very professional answering service and were very easy to hear. They were very polite and professional. After ending the call my car was one the tow truck and driving off our property in 50 minutes. Very impressive. The driver was also polite, knowledgeable, and funny. This company is very good at what they do.
ByJonathan Hollis
Testimonial #5
I forgot my key inside of my car ((( and a lot of neighbors tried to help me - and they scratched my car, here is two feelings - I'm glad that you help me, but please, don't scratch my car!!! ((( guys from towing riders came very quickly, about 30 min. It was great! Fast and easy! Master also explained that I can return my money back, if I send their resipt to Insurance company) thank you!
ByDilya Revkat
Testimonial #6
Stuck in an horrible situation, your company took little time to understand and assist my problem. Once i called i prompt to a helpful dispatcher that for the life of me i cannot remember his name however i had no problem in communication with the sir who mad my problems obsolete. In little time the truck driver called and told me he was on his way. I appreciate all the notifications your company kept me with. Other companies have you waiting with no remorse and i just love your customer service!
ByPerlita Duque
Testimonial #7
The driver was super friendly and super helpful. He helped turn a bad situation into a good one.
ByCliff Willingham
Testimonial #8
Great company couldn't expect anything better than what i received thanks for all of your help
ByJoshua Rojas
Testimonial #9
Driver was very friendly, did a good job getting the car up on the truck (broken ball joint), was very careful to not cause further damage.
ByRichard Reilly
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