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Private Investigator in Greensboro, NC We are a fully licensed and insured North Carolina private investigator and detective agency located in Greensboro, NC. Our Private Investigators service Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem NC AND the Triad. We specialize in matrimonial, infidelity/adultery cases and provide our clients with the best obtainable evidence. Our Professional Private Investigators in Greensboro NC have the latest technology at their finger tips and, more importantly, they have the experience to increase justice in your life. Although we specialize in infidelity/adultery cases, we also have expertise in various other investigative services. Whether you find yourself in a child custody battle or youre being electronically harassed, Victory Investigations has the resources, the know-how, and commitment to get to the truth.

Our licensed private investigators in and around the Triad understand the sensitivity of your situation and act discreetly to gather the evidence you need. Our Greensboro Private Investigators are highly skilled in informational research, social media investigations, and GPS tracking. In addition to our expert field services, we are also certified in the acquisition of digital devices and can retrieve deleted data from cell phones and computers. Most investigative firms rely on surveillance alone. At Victory Investigations, we consider ALL evidence including logical & deleted text messages, chat conversations, social media interaction, emails, etc. as vital to your case. We leave nothing on the table.
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  • Greensboro NC, High Point NC, Winston-Salem NC, Triad and ALL of North Carolina
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  • Serving residential, commercial and industrial clients
  • Licensed and insured
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  • We will catch your cheating spouse or partner.
  • Get deleted text messages - cell phone forensics.
  • Covert and hidden camera surveillance.
  • Learn the TRUTH!
  • Experienced and Capable Investigators for Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem - Triad areas.
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Professional Associations & Certifications
  • IPIU
  • NAIS
  • American Society Digital Forensics & eDiscovery
  • InfaGard
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8 Dundas Cir., Suite H-2
Greensboro, NC
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Courtney Elizabeth
read moreHad an unfortunate situation that, in the end, required I seek the advice of a professional. No one wants to believe that they're being betrayed, but it seems to be more of a reality these days. After speaking with the owner, Kelly, I put my full trust in him. It was not an easy task and took a little time, but Kelly was able to help me tremendously. I thank him and recommend his service.

Reggie Silverson
read moreAbove the top performance. The environment is very calm when they speak to you and they really make you feel like they want to help you. And the time efficiency is unbelievable. 5 star performance by far. Thank you for that.

Allen Skip
read moreOur law firm has referred many clients to Kelly over the years and he has been responsive and professional in every instance. We have also referred Victory to several of our affiliate offices across the country. Kelly and his team is professional, discreet and well respected.

Julie Pertreed
read moreI was very impressed with Kelly. I knew my husband was having an affair because I had a little evidence but I wanted to make sure I had the right kind of evidence. I finally called Kelly and we met to discuss our plan of action. Kelly is very calming and reassuring and I always felt like I was a little more in control when I would leave his office. It only took about a month to get video and pictures that we needed to move forward. Kelly was always very prompt at returning texts or phone calls. He gives great advice and I believe he could be a counselor as a side job. The only thing I would do different is not to wait so long before I called Kelly. The affair went on for way to long and the two just became more entangled with each other. Even if you aren't sure what you want to do about the situation at least give Kelly a call and talk to him because he will give you advice and at least help you make a decision thats best for you.

Dale Heninger
read moreThe folks at Victory Investigations are absolutely the best in the industry. When I started speaking with them I was confused, disheartened and just didn't know how to pursue my options. Everyone kept telling me to hire a P.I. but I never listened and tried to do it by myself until it was time to give in a talk to them. I attempted to reach out to others in the area and it almost seemed like I was being ignored, after reaching out to victory they contacted me back immediately, pursued my case and had the info I needed in just a couple days. I was astonished and quite amazed by the courtesy and professionalism of this team and will definately use their services in the future if it's needed. I will refer and have referred this company to several folks already. I spoke to this gentleman on the phone as few times and he is very well and soft spoken, he really helps ease the mind and I was in tears while I spoke to him and he was there to listen and comfort me. Prices are amazing too

Suzanne Foster
read moreI needed a thorough background check & didn't have the time or resources to get it done. I had never used a third party but decided to try Kelly & see what information he could find. I was very pleased at how much detailed information he was able to provide in such a short amount of time. I was able to make a confident educated decision based on the information Kelly provided. I will be back again in the future!

Brandi Skinner
read moreKelly has always been nothing but professional and helpful, but beyond that he is someone who truly cares and wants to help you get the answers you need in order to help you get through your situation, whatever type of situation that might be. He has a lot of experience with all sorts of cases. He understands that these types of things can be extremely personal and painful to go through and he always does his best and manages to get the information that you need and is a complete pleasure to work with in the process! If you are thinking of hiring someone and are nervous to make the call, don't keep waiting, just go with your gut and give him a call. I highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of any type of PI work!

David Mehler
read moreVictory does a fantastic job at very reasonable fees. They are on the cutting edge of technology and have an amazing tenacity to get the job done for their clients! A+, highly recommend!

Ann Fleming
read moreThe day I picked up the phone to call Victory investigations was a day I will never forget. My heart was racing, my hands were shaking and I'm sure my voice was trembling. It wasn't long into the conversation that I felt so relieved that I made the call. Kelly reassured me that he could handle the problem and walked me through every step of the process. I can honestly say I would not have made it without his knowledge and support. If you are in a situation were you need an investigator Kelly is by far the best one out there in the Greensboro area!

Laura Wagoner
read moreVictory Investigations is professional and discreet. Kelly got information I never would have been able to find on my own, and did so very quickly. He knows what he's doing.

Sandy Gardner
read moreKelly is absolutely the best at what he does! He was the comforting & reasuring voice I needed at a time when I was totally confused & frozen. He gave me the confidence to do what I didn't think I could at the time. Kelly rocks!

Jenna Foust
read moreI was so scared and nervous doing this. I mean who ever thinks they will need a private investigator?? Well, after 16 years of marriage, it happened - the unthinkable. Unimaginable. Going through this painful process taught me that we really never know the person we love. How can this be? Kelly, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly cannot believe I could have gotten through this without your help.

Alana Cook
read moreI would give these guys 10 Stars , if I could! What a blessing to be able to get what you pay for. I lost a significant retainer to a different private investigator that provided me with ZERO evidence or proof that they even attempted to do the work. Kelly is great. Call him.

Kristin Craven
read moreI live in New Bern and hired these guys to catch my husband and his girlfriend, who lives in Greensboro. I was a little nervous hiring someone for this that I had not met, especially when it's as personal as this. But Kelly, couldn't have been more professional and kind. He was able to catch my husband with his girlfriend at Furniture Market, a concert, a political rally, and at her house EVERY night for a week! Ladies, trust your gut and you can trust Kelly will get the goods.

Scott Marion
read moreKelly was such a huge help to me in my time of need! He is patient, kind, and wise! His knowledge of cell phone forensics far exceeds any other company! He will not give up until he has everything you need to proceed on your journey! Thank you!!!! I highly recommend him for any investigative need!

Carolyn LeRoy
read moreFor what major heartbreak I was going through, Kelly made the situation much easier than I could have ever expected. He had me do a little work, in the beginning, and I'm glad he did. What I found confirmed my gut suspicions and then I was completely ready to move forward and was very confident Kelly would get what I needed. It took about 3 weeks, but that was only because I confronted my husband, before I called Kelly, and my husband and his girlfriend seemed to cool it for a short period. Kelly just kept telling me to be patient and that it would happen - they would continue. He was spot-on at everything he said. Ladies, trust your gut and trust Kelly. He knows how to get what you need. Thank you so very much for everything!

Jodie Kivette
read moreMe and my partner have used Kelly's services over and over for the past 6 plus years. Whenever we need a background on a possible renter OR if we need to find a former tenant that owes us monies, Kelly always pulls through for us.


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