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The original concept of our company was to be in a place, open to the public, where people could socialize and explore new technology. Live shows for business, education and entertainment were planned for a place where people could sit, watch, eat, drink and interact as part of the program. Everything was to be video recorded, so people could see what had happened in the days following the shows.


As a videographer in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, I provide video production and editing services to the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Video production needs to be artistic, entertaining, educational, exciting, fast moving and a powerful, emotional experience. Sports video production, especially, requires a range of camera techniques. Corporate video production has to meet customer specifications. Music videos need several microphones to record and mix.


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308 Santa Rosa Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA
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(707) 578-3235
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Shoot and edit web videos and burn DVDs of live events, promotion commercials, music videos, sports videos, weddings, video interviews, etc.
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(707) 578-3235
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