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Pet Services & Supplies in Minneapolis, MN You have found your ideal dog, or perhaps it is the dog you could not live without once you saw it. The 1st few days with it are great, perhaps even the 1st week. But now your dog is starting to feel more comfortable in its surroundings, your home is becoming one big chew toy, you are finding unwelcome surprises behind the furniture. You have told your dog no so many times that you would think by now he must understand the right way of doing it. You have resolved yourself to the fact that this is as nice as it gets.

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Go Dog Go Dog 3 Week Board & Train
read moreThe insulated and temperature controlled custom built Bungalow and Play Yard provides the dogs a lovely space to take a break from the daily training schedule. Every detail was carefully thought out to exacting standards to ensure the utmost safety and comfort for your dog while staying at Go Dog Go 3 Week Board & Train.

Go Dog Go Dog 3 Week Board & Train
read moreGo Dog Go's $75 Gift Certificate is the perfect gift for your friends or family who may show signs of needing help with their pooch. Please email Go Dog Go to make arrangements to pay through the U.S. mail and to let us know where to send the Gift Certificate.

Go Dog Go Dog 3 Week Board & Train
read moreOnce you bring your puppy home it's your job to safely introduce them to the world by exposing them to as much of it as you can. This means slow and careful experiences that do not overwhelm your puppy but teaches them about new smells, sounds, sights, and people that aren't necessarily part of your day-to-day life. The rules and structure you set for your puppy in and out of the home will create a social bond that is essential for your dog.

Go Dog Go Dog 3 Week Board & Train
read moreWeeks 8 - 24 in your puppy's life should be all about exposure and family bonding. See Puppy Tips page for more info. At approximately 5 - 6 months old, your puppy enters adolescence and is capable of more responsibility and focus. Now they're ready to potentially enter our 3 Week Board & Train program. All dogs absolutely MUST be housebroken. Dog size and weight restrictions may apply when determining eligibility for the Board & Train Program. The dynamic 3-week boarding and training stay offers a real-life situational experience in a rural home setting combined with luxurious bungalow-style accommodations nestled in a shaded grotto of oak trees.

Go Dog Go Dog 3 Week Board & Train
read moreBoard & Train is a highly effective method of training your dog because it is done by a professional in a concentrated effort. Because the training is centered around a home environment it reflects a more true-to-life experience. From the pre-breakfast "migratory" walk, to feeding manners, obedience exercises, social and alone time and greeting guests, your dog is immersed in the practice of becoming a viable member of a functional pack. If you do not have the time, patience or expertise to work on your dog's behavior, a 3-week stay at Go Dog Go will give you and your dog a huge jump-start.
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