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Martial Arts Clubs near Greenwood, IN
Carmel Martial Arts - Karate Classes in Indianapolis(317) 574-0841
It is a common tradition in the Far East that Karate's roots started with a Royal Prince of India named Bodhidharma. This story is possibly refuted by modern historical record, but we make it required education due to its almost universal retelling. As the story goes, Bodhidharma studied military arts as a young man. In later life, his thinking and study in his Buddhist religion produced Zen Buddhism. He became a monk and traveled the perilous routes through the Himalyan Mountain passes into
IndianaMarion CountyIndianapolis46280   10598 North College Avenue # 300 11.02 miles
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Aiki Jutsu Academy - Martial Arts in Indianapolis(317) 752-0059
Historically, Aikijutsu or Aikijujutsu was one the major unarmed martial arts of the Samurai. It is an advanced form of Jujutsu and is over 800 years old. Aikijutsu is the father of modern Aikido. Our school or style of Aikijutsu is called Senso-Ryu, which translates to War Style. Originally established in the 1960's by Richard Behrens Shihan, It is a mixed martial art located on the ancient systems of feudal Japan and the
IndianaMarion CountyIndianapolis   8436 North Meridian Street 11.02 miles
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Academy Of Chung DO Kwan - Tae Kwon Do Instructor in Indianapolis(317) 571-1400
Born in Teagu, Korea, Grandmaster Park is the product of two totally different cultures in two distinctly different lands. With the examples set by his grandmother and his father in devotion to God and the Roman Catholic Church, he had an unique upbringing. His father sold his home and gave the proceeds to the church, to aid establish the local parish. The Park family did not have their own house for more than 10 years. Throughout his childhood, Grandmaster Park attended traditional chinese
IndianaMarion CountyIndianapolis46240   1744 East 86th Street 11.02 miles
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Dan Shi Martial Arts Club(317) 507-3505
Tae Kwon Do is the art of kicking and punching, or the art of unarmed combat. Dan Shi (don-shee) is the Chinese phrase for Strength of Heart. The values that are practiced in Tae Kwon Do carry into other parts of our lives. Many times it is difficult to make the right choice; however, right and honorable decisions will lead a person down paths of success and happiness that were never known to exist. Tae Kwon Do training assists us evolve discipline and self-esteem to do the correct
IndianaMarion CountyIndianapolis46218   2261 Ralston Avenue 11.02 miles
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
CS Kim Karate - Tang Soo Do in Fort Wayne(260) 433-1849
We're a traditional Tang Soo Do school certified by the International Tang Soo Do Federation (ITF) We believe that people of all ages, classes, and creeds can train in and earn benefits from Tang Soo Do. Practitioners earn mental, physical, and spiritual benefits from Tang Soo
IndianaAllen CountyFort Wayne46804   4132 Engleton Dr 116.66 miles
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Team Elite Mixed Martial Arts(260) 341-9834
Mixed martial arts (MMA) is an intense and evolving combat sport in which competitors use different forms of fighting that include jiu-jitsu, judo, karate, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and others to their strategic and tactical advantage in a supervised match. Scoring for mixed martial arts events in Nevada, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Florida is built on athletic-commission approved definitions and rules for striking (blows with the hands, feet, knees or elbows) and grappling (submission,
IndianaAllen CountyFort Wayne46825   509 Ley Road 116.66 miles
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Cunningham's Ft Wayne Tae Kwon - Martial Arts Lessons in Fort Wayne(260) 471-2500
Cunningham's Fort Wayne Tae Kwon Do originally started in the mid 1970's as Oh's Tae Kwon Do. Master Instructor Forrest Cunningham was taught directly by Grand Master Oh for twelve years leading up to Oh's retirement. In 2002 Master Instructor Cunningham received full ownership of the school and changed the name to Cunningham's Fort Wayne Tae Kwon Do. Our lineage traces directly back to the Mudokwan school or style of Tae Kwon Do and Kukkiwon (National Training Hall) of South
IndianaAllen CountyFort Wayne46805   3726 Allen Avenue 116.66 miles
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Bowles Karate Academy - Martial Arts in Fort Wayne(260) 456-7788
According to legend, the evolution of Karate started over a thousand years ago, probably as early as the fifth century B. C. When Bodhidharma, a Buddhist Monk arrived in Shaolin-si, China from India and taught Zen Buddhism. He introduced a set of exercises designed to strengthen the body and mind. Bodhidharma's teachings later became the basis for the most of Chinese martial arts. In truth, the origins of Karate appear to be somewhat obscure and little is known about the early development of
IndianaAllen CountyFort Wayne46807   2721 South Calhoun Street 116.66 miles
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Brice's Taekwondo USA-Karate - Karate Instructor in Evansville(812) 464-5425
Master Brice has been teaching and managing Martial Arts Programs in the Tri-State Area for the past three decades. Master Brice has taught 1, 000's of students throughout the years in the Evansville and Newburgh Community. In some cases, she is now teaching 2nd generation students. Master Brice started teaching Taekwondo at Indiana University in the late 70's. Master Brice's 1st Taekwondo Academy was a joint venture with her 1st
IndianaVanderburgh CountyEvansville47712   5225 Pearl Drive # D 137.40 miles
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
Kido Kwan Martial Art(812) 437-5042
The KIDO KWAN Martial Art International was originally established in 1988 as the Korean Kido Kwan to represent the Korean based martial arts of Taekwon-Do (ChangHon & ChungDo Kwan) Hapkido and other martial arts as well. With the 1st school being under the direction of Master Kim, Yong-Son at both his Kim's Taekwon-Do locations on the East and North Side of Evansville (IN) After Master Kim's departure the schools were passed into the hands of two of his black belts, with one staying on the E
IndianaVanderburgh CountyEvansville   2734 Mt Vernon Avenue 137.40 miles
Recreation & SportMartial Arts
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