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Please think about these situations and decide if they apply to you.  Are you blocked out of your Windows programs or unable to access the Internet?  Does your Mac or PC computer frequently restart or unexpectedly stop responding?  Do you click on one search result and often get re-directed to a different page?  Do you have an "automatic" virus scan appearing on your computer telling you that you need to purchase a lifetime subscription?  Do you realize that these are all examples of pesky virus problems?   Your capped crusader, in his colorful tights, is your knowledgeable, experienced Computer Speed Shop (CSS) technician who has excellent, practical solutions.

While posing as a mild mannered, smiling professional, he is able to leap tall buildings, intelligently explain how he can easily get your system back up and running like new (usually within hours of your call to him} and he loyal to his CSS oath to provide premier service.  He always takes time first to understand each customer and their unique needs and then can remove Virus and Spyware faster than a speeding bullet.  He is resourceful, persistent, and can amaze you at how easily he can remotely resolve technical difficulties globally or be “the right man” in the immediate SW Florida area. Your total satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Even if you are experiencing a rogue antivirus program floating around the Internet, our hero can make you smile and simply know that these are tactics to scare you and try to make you feel uneasy.   Our hero never charges unreasonable rates and always keeps CSS service as a top priority as he helps his customers.

 Computer Speed Shop – Simply the Very Best

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Published OnJul 16, 2014
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