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Embody Pole Fitness in Corona, CA a unique studio that specializes in alternative fitness modalities for women is now offering the total body sculpting Embody Barre class.  Embody Barre is a ballet inspired toning and resistance program which is a hybrid of isometric strength exercises, ballet dance, and Pilates. Created by former a professional dancer and fitness expert, students train using methods similar to a professional dancer, designed to create toned abs, arms, legs and derriere. Continuous isometric movements are set to fantastic music, long stretches are periodically engaged throughout the class after muscle groups are fatigued to increase flexibility and elongate the appearance of the body. An excellent fusion of ballet, yoga, pilates and aerobics, Embody has created a challenging and enjoyable workout.  Also being a “no impact” workout Embody Barre is also one of the safest ways a woman can exercise because it does not involve any bouncing or jumping. This allows for a high energy training session while safeguarding joints from impact and overuse injuries.  Students can see results in as little as 10 classes.

Women looking to build lean muscle without bulk should try this unique program and have a fun, intense, and effective workout. For more information please visit their website (www.embodypolefitness.com) or call (951) 310-3344

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Published OnJul 25, 2011
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