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Mortgage Company in Albany, NY General marketing delivers the message that mortgages are a commodity; anyone can get one, anywhere. While that may have been true at one time, it is no longer. More importantly we pose the question, what is the finest mortgage for you? 1st Priority Mortgage is dedicated to providing an exceptional process that identifies the finest mortgage solution suited to your specific requirements. How do we know our system works? As a firm we consistently track and measure our results. We use what works and continually monitor for improvement.

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Fixed Rate Mortgage
read moreSince your rate is fixed for the life of your loan, your principal & interest payment does not increase. Fixed rate loans come in various types, and are generally the most popular loans for those looking to buy or refinance their homes. This is due to the security they provide, ensuring consistent monthly payments, without worry or hassle about changing interest rates. If you are planning to own your home for several years or more, a fixed rate loan may be your best option. The most popular loan program is the 30 Year Fixed Rate, but 25 year, 20 year, 15 year, and 10 year fixed rate loans are also available to meet your individual or family goals.
Mortgage Calculators
read moreCalculate your monthly payment with applicable finance charges, PMI, hazard insurance, and property taxes. This calculator allows you to "peek into the future", allowing you to see the remaining balance of your mortgage after several payments. Should I Pay Points to Lower My Interest Rate? Calculate how much points affect your monthly payments and how fast they will pay for themselves.
FHA Mortgage
read moreFederal Housing Administration (FHA) loans are insured by the US Government. These loans are government-assisted alternatives to conventional financing. FHA loans are a great alternative for both 1st time homebuyers & those buying up depending on your personal circumstances, and are even popular options for homeowners looking to refinance. Overall, FHA loans provide more flexibility in credit, income, and equity/down payment requirements, and are great alternatives to conventional loans. They do include a Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP), as well as monthly mortgage insurance.
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