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Advertising Agency in Richmond, VA 224 Design is named for the Pantone pink ink. It started with the desire to build a healthier way of working for our customers in order to build stand-apart brands. You'll work with the very creative manager that will build your materials, using a process of sound strategic thinking that starts with, and includes, you. Your brand is built so efficiently that everyone around you will swear you've been working overtime. Instead, you'll look well rested from the nap you took while 224 built a brand that made your competition look pale.

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319 North 27th Strt
Richmond, VA
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224 Design
read morePublished authors question how to connect with readers to get better publishing contracts. Companies and non-profits wonder how to grow loyal clients who will buy more services or widgets, or donate. Authentic brands with consistent, affordable tools are the answer. 224Design creates healthy brands for those who are thoughtful, creative, and care deeply about their work. Go from simply being in the black, to being in the pink.
About Us
read moreI began 224Design in 2004. I already had more than ten years of experience in advertising and design, building marketing materials for government agencies, non-profits, B2B clients, and international brands. When I branched out on my own, I was determined 224Design would follow a simple philosophy: create award-winning, effective brand components, at a fair price, that are authentic to each client. Oh yes, and enjoy every minute of it. By 2008, when this little company of mine won the Roanoke Chamber of Commerce's Micro-Business of the Year award, I knew that my approach to brands was keeping me, and my clients, in the pink.
The Portfolio
read moreBuilding an effective brand means connecting with your ideal audience in such an authentic way that they become truly loyal fans. The results speak for themselves. All my clients and authors see a 25-70% increase in profits, audience, or reader connections. Beautiful design is all well and good, but logically planning projects can prevent ideas and costs from spiraling out of control. It removes the subjective "do we like blue?" and inserts the objective "What makes us better?" Where and how your ideal audience connects with you is different for every author and client.
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