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Music Lessons in Dallas, TX Known by many as the finest music teacher in the North Texas and Dallas area, Blake has spent years perfecting his unique approach to music instruction. His knowledge in a huge array of musical styles makes him one of the most versatile players in the state of Texas, gaining him the prestigious Texas Tornado Award. Blake has a growing reputation as a composer and songwriter, having written and performed for numerous films, commercials and CD releases. He owns and operates a Dallas recording studio, seventh Heaven Music, where he composes, produces and engineers.

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11222 Dalron Drive
Dallas, TX
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read moreBlake's series of lesson materials, transcriptions, arrangements, tabs, and music software is now available at www. While there, check out the Ultra Cool MusicMasterLibrarian Software that will have you spending more time making music and less time "getting it together."
Best Guitar Lessons In Dallas
read moreThere are so many people who write mundane and mediocre songs - worse yet - they don't really even know it! Why is that? Obivously Inspiration plays a major role in creativity but is that enough to consistently write great songs, one after the other? Are you objective about your finished songs or is the emotional connection to them stronger than your ability to be objective about them? Blake has created a comprehensive Songwriting course that will turn your songwriting abilities into a powerhouse of skill and technique, and enhance your creativity is ways you could never have imagined.
Dallas Piano Lessons by Blake Milton
read moreTraditional piano teachers usually start you off with some sort of rudimentary piano method book full of songs and exercises you either never heard of or certainly never cared about. Then you move up to the next book. In a few years you might start playing some classical pieces, always reading the music - never creating or improvisng your own music or playing songs you love. Always chained to the sheet music. There are certainly skills can be gained from the traditional approach, but it is a rare person who can outlast the suffering to obtain them.
Dallas' Best Bass Lessons In Dallas
read moreNot all that long ago Bass players were unassuming characters who were just supposed to play the bass like it was a glorified bass drum. Things have certainly changed. Bassists are now capable technicians who are indispensable contributors to every project they are involved in. Think of how many bass "celebrities" there are now. Let Blake Milton help you get there. Teaching since the late 70's, he has authored numerous music books and software programs, he's an in demand performer, session player, composer, and producer and is uniquely qualified to get you to where you want to go.
Best Sax Lessons In Dallas by Blake
read moreAre you looking for a good Sax teacher that can really help you to become proficient in any style you like - Jazz, Blues, Rock, or to show you how to understand and apply Music Theory - with over 90,000 lessons taught, you won't find a more qualified Saxophone teacher! When you think of Saxophone you often think of Jazz. However, the sax makes it's way into all kinds of musical styles either as a soloist of part of a horn section. There's tons of sax in Blues, Rock, Soul, Funk, and even some classical music!
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