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Driving School in Livonia, MI Our rehabilitation program is unique, due to the extensive training our team members have received. We're the only local facility to have four ADED certified evaluators/trainers on team. To gain ADED certification they must be a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist for five years and pass a rigorous written examination. To maintain ADED certification our team members attend conferences throughout the year. During an evaluation the customer is being observed strictly from a medical viewpoint to see if the customer can handle the complicated driving task in a safe manner.

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Driver Rehabilitation
read moreDo you have a medical condition that affects your vision, cognition or physical abilities? Do you, your family members, or physician have concerns about your driving abilities? Do you require adaptive equipment to remain or begin driving independently? Your driving skills will be evaluated by one of our Occupational Therapists, Certified Driving Instructors and Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists who have been board certified by Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED). Behind the wheel evaluations are conducted in one of our specially equipped automobiles or high-tech vans.
Corporate Defensive Driving Course
read moreYour employees will be motivated to change their behind-the-wheel behaviors and attitudes. Students will learn coping techniques for handling speeding, distracted driving, impaired driving, hazardous traffic conditions and more. The result will be a responsible driver who better understands the best ways to prevent injury and death while driving a motor vehicle. This course provides key understanding of the skills and techniques needed to avoid collisions, reduce traffic violations and change driver behaviors and attitudes.
read moreA bill was proposed to enact 'Kelsey's Law' in Michigan which prohibits teen drivers from ALL phone usage while driving in Michigan. Teens would only be allowed to use their cell phones during an emergency. Whether you're a new driver or in need of a refresher, here is a link to a website telling you what to do in the case of an accident. There is also a checklist included with steps when in an accident. Stay safe out there! Do you need help getting through day to day with a recent neurological, spinal cord injury, or other disorder diagnosis?
State Information
read moreSOS - Kelsey's Law Update for Teens: Mobile phones have been banned for GDL 1 and 2 teen drivers. If you use a mobile phone while driving you risk being ticketed by law enforcement.
Parking Test Camp
read moreWe can help with anxiety over the initial parking lot portion of the road test, INCLUDING PARALLEL PARKING. Don't fear! A&A is here, to assist in helping to prepare for the upcoming Basic Control Skills portion of the road test.
Road Test Preparation
read moreRoad Test Preparation class is great for students UNDER 18 who have completed Segment 2, need confidence in their driving abilities, or want more practice before their road test. This prep class is also helpful for parents who want their child to be a very prepared and safe driver. Private lessons are specifically tailored to each individual, based on their skill level and goals. An instructor can evaluate your driving skills and make suggestions to improve areas of weakness.
read moreBelow are the segment 1 and 2 explanations on when you will receive the forms for your class. Please don't hesitate to call us at (734) 422-3000 if you have any questions. For your review, we have attached a copy of "Applying for license or ID, " which lists the required documents you will need to provide the Secretary of State when applying for the Level 1 License (permit). We have also included the protocol for the Michigan Graduated License System, including the new rules for Level 2 License recipients.
Teen Drivers
read moreThis program is for students 14 years and 8 months up to 17 years old. A & A Driving School offers home pick-up and drop-off to select areas, although this service is not guaranteed. Please understand that the on-the-road driving portion may continue after the last day of class. Drivers 18 and over are not eligible for Teen Classes. Student Requirements: A minimum of 30 logged hours of supervised driving, including two hours of nighttime driving, on a Level 1 License that has been held for at least three continuous months must be completed before a student can be accepted into Segment 2. As of June 15, 2016, the log must be presented to the instructor on the first day of class.
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