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Car Rentals in Phoenix, AZ Get the right discounts at Phoenix rental car, we contribute to your economy, we currently have cheap rates and all aspects of vehicles and sizes. Phoenix Car Rental is a firm specializing in car rentals with over three decades of knowledge. Our facilities are situated in central Phoenix within 10 minutes to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Here you'll find the most affordable vehicle of your choice in condition to drive wherever you prefer.

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2934 East Mcdowell Road
Phoenix, AZ
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A-Aable Rentals
read morePhoenix Car Rental, a local car rental company serving Phoenix for over 46 years, provides several unique services to customers looking to rent a car, minivan, large passenger van, or an SUV. In addition to accepting all major credit cards, we also rent to people who wish to use CASH or a DEBIT CARD. We are off-airport and do not charge airport fees, and we do not run credit checks. See more below, check our FAQs and Services, and of course, call to find out more. Similar to booking a flight on an airline, car rental rates are date and location specific.
About Us
read moreWelcome to Phoenix Car Rental, where we specialize in renting Cars, Minivans, Large Passenger Vans, SUVs, and Pickup Trucks at affordable rates. Many things set us apart from the national rental companies-most notably, our goal, which is to do everything we can to be able to rent a car, van, or SUV to people who, whether due to credit issues, age restrictions, or lack of a credit card, cannot rent elsewhere. At Phoenix Car Rental, we strive to make renting a Car, Pickup Truck, Large Passenger Van, Minivan, or SUV affordable and accessible.
Phoenix Car Rental
read morePhoenix Car Rental is not in the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Terminal but neither is any other rental car company! Whether you rent from us, or the Airport Car Rental Center, you will need to leave the terminal and go to a completely different location. The difference is if you rent a car, van or SUV from Phoenix Car Rental, we do not charge airport fees. While all car rental companies must collect taxes, concession fees and facility charges are easily avoidable by renting at a facility that does not charge them because they are not located in the Rental Car Center.
Phoenix Car Rental
read moreRocky Point, Mexico, (Puerto Peasco), located on the Baja Peninsula, is a common vacation destination for those traveling from Phoenix. With its beautiful beaches and reasonable prices, not to mention authentic fish tacos, a vacation to Mexico can be fun and inexpensive. Let Phoenix Car Rental help you get there. We offer a variety of vehicle choices, so whether you are traveling alone, with the whole family, or transporting a group, we have a car, van, or SUV rental that will get you there. Please Note: There is an additional surcharge to rent vehicles destined for Mexico.
Phoenix Car Rental
read moreIf you don't have a debit or credit card and need to use CASH to rent a vehicle, you are likely finding it difficult, if not impossible, to find a company willing to rent to you. At Phoenix Car Rental, the absence of a credit or debit card does not automatically disqualify you from renting from us. Although we don't require a credit check, we will need to know a little more about you. Be prepared to provide your current valid driver's license, current address, a return plane or bus ticket if you are visiting from out of state, and the amount of cash specified by the person quoting you the car rental rate, to the rental counter agent when you come in to rent your vehicle.
Phoenix Car Rental
read moreEven though you reserved a rental car, van, or SUV on-line using your debit card, many companies will not complete the car rental at checkout if you only have a debit card. It can be shocking to be told that in addition to your debit card you may also need to produce bank statements, meet a minimum credit score, provide utility bills, or a host of other information you don't have available in order to complete the car rental. Phoenix Car Rental is here to help. We accept debit cards, and cash, as well as credit cards, not just for payment, but for security as well for rental car transactions.
Phoenix Car Rental rents to People
read moreMost major rental companies require the renter of a motor vehicle be at least 25 years of age. At Phoenix Car Rental, if you are 18 or older, you may qualify to rent from us. And while drivers from ages 21 to 24 may now rent at some of the national rental companies, in the vast majority of cases, they still have to pay a daily surcharge that averages around $25 per day and can be as high as $50 per day. At Phoenix Car Rental, there is no additional surcharge for renters 21 years of age and older.
Phoenix Car Rental
read morePHOENIX CAR RENTAL offers three Passenger Van models for rent, including the Chevrolet Express Van, Ford E-350 Club Wagon, and Ford Transit Van. Each of these large passenger vans offers seating for up to 15 people. Furthermore, depending on your passenger and cargo needs, they can be configured in a variety of arrangements. Are you looking for an 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, or 15 passenger van rental for your team tournament, business retreat, or family reunion in Phoenix, Arizona? Once you have a group larger than 8 people to transport, your rental needs necessitate something larger than a large SUV or minivan.
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