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Corrosion costs the U. S. Economy almost $300 billion annually. The solution to this problem is Hot-dip Galvanizing as offered by AZZ Galvanizing Services. AZZ has offered cost effective, maintenance-free, environmentally-safe corrosion protection for over 4 decades, introducing unique processes such as GALVXtra to cope with the challenges of today's competitive standards. As America's biggest galvanizer, we currently have expanded to a network of 33 facilities, providing corrosion protective services coast to coast.

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AAA Galvanizing
read moreFor over 60 years, AZZ has been committed to developing innovative products and services to address the challenge of aging infrastructure. Every day, over 4,000 AZZ employees around the globe work to create a world where structural assets are corrosion free, and power generation, transmission and distribution are inherently safe, sustainable and efficient. With a broad array of offerings to safely and effectively support power generation, transmission and distribution, AZZ provides highly engineered, application-critical equipment and proven solutions for today's energy providers.
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read moreAZZ Inc. is a global provider of galvanizing, welding solutions, specialty electrical equipment and highly engineered services. We support the power generation, transmission, distribution and industrial markets through protection of metal and electrical systems used to build and enhance the world's infrastructure. AZZ's multiple business units form a comprehensive partnership, working across a broad scope of industries and applications. AZZ serves the global market of power generation, transmission and distribution, and the general industrial markets and also provides hot dip galvanizing services to the steel fabrication market in the United States and Canada.
read moreComplementing AZZ's extensive products are an equally impressive array of service options that can enhance and extend product performance and lifecycle. From initial evaluation and assessments, to ongoing maintenance, repair and optimization, AZZ helps make the most of your equipment investments. Decades of experience serving the Oil Country Tubular Products market providing everything from forging and upsetting, to threading and testing for full-length pipe and pup joints.
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