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Auto Parts & Accessories in Norfolk, VA Welcome to Ace Auto Parts. Our new state of the art recycling facility enables us to provide an extensive in-stock inventory of new and used parts as well as virtually instant computerized access to an unlimited provide of parts. A family run business since 1927, our experienced and knowledgeable team can assist you speedily identify and locate the parts you need to get your vehicle back on the road.

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6539 East Virginia Bch Boulevard # C
Norfolk, VA
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Ace Auto Parts
read moreAce Auto offers a range of auto services in addition to our acres of used parts and vehicles. With access to an extensive computerized network of parts locators, our team at Ace Auto can be sure to find the auto parts you need. We offer a wide selection of inexpensive used vehicles for sale. All vehicles have been inspected by our mechanics and are ready to go! Ask about our payment plans. Encuentre la pieza que usted necesita, contamos con un inventario de miles de repuestos para toda clase de vehculo.
About Us
read moreWe have been proudly serving St Paul and surrounding communities since 1929. That's a long time. To put that into perspective, here are some facts about the world when Ace Auto Parts first opened.
Used Transmissions for Cars and
read moreYour transmission controls the application of power from your engine to your drive wheels. Without it, your vehicle becomes little more than an expensive lawn ornament. It governs torque, the ability to accelerate and decelerate, and many other dynamics while your car is in motion. Although the earliest transmissions employed basic, right-angle drive mechanisms akin to windmills, today's transmissions are a labyrinth of gears, clutches, electronic components and computerized sensors. Even the slightest glitch can render your transmission inoperable, and frequently, at the most inopportune time.
Car Repairs & Installation Services
read moreWe install parts! If you need help installing most lights, mirrors and batteries, we have you covered. Other services include auto glass installation, tire mounting and balancing, rim mounts, and other tire-related services.
Used Headlights & Tail Lights
read moreYou need lights on your car. They are what allow you to see at night and in inclement weather, they make you more visible to others, and they even signal your movements to other drivers. These are an extremely important safety feature of your vehicle that you won't want to be without. Headlights light your way, tail lights make you visible and show when you're breaking, turn signals tell others what you're going to do, fog lights help you cut through the mist, and even little lights illuminate your license plates, the car's interior, and more.
Used Auto Part Search
read moreWith our easy-to-use app you can search our inventory for the parts you need, view information about each available part, and see part images. You can even scan you VIN so you can search more quickly, easily, and accurately.
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