Ace Flyer Distribution

Advertising Agency in Richardson, TX
Advertising Agency in Richardson, TX Ace Flyer
Distribution has been in business for 20 years with 4 conveniently positioned
offices throughout the greater Dallas/Fort Worth region: Houston, Fort
Worth, Dallas, Richardson (Main office).

location is managed with a Director whose job it is to drive and supervise our
crews, but to also service the clients by:

- Picking
up flyers

- Dropping
off the invoices

- Supplying
maps of areas covered

- Continuously tracking (with GPS as every employee has a backpack with
this location function inside) and overseeing the jobs are completed properly
and on schedule.

reliability factor of our staff is second to none. We only pay our crew per hour
and never by the amount of flyers delivered, mainly because we believe in
completing the job to your 100% satisfaction. There is never a "dumping" issue,
and our crews are paid at the end of the working week.

Director's ensure that "trap routes" (zoned areas always within their view) are
maintained, so as to tell our Headquarters when any problems may arise in the
planned completion of your project.

With Ace
Flyer Distribution, quality and customer satisfaction isn't in question. We will
do everything possible to make sure that your flyers go out on time and with the
best possible coverage available.

In most
cases our flyer drops are set up in-groups of either 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 and
so on. As we never use zip codes to determine our routes, we ensure your flyers
are delivered within easy to understand geographical areas.

Here are
some examples:

- Arlington

- Plano

- Far North

- Spring

If we
find in the process that this doesn't fit your needs, we will even break down
the task by major cross streets, refining the process to get the delivery to
work even better.

acknowledges the fact that everyone is not the same and may have individual
needs to finish their project, so If you have a particular area you have in
mind, just give us a few days and we'll set it up for you. If on the other hand
you are maintaining a budget and are looking for a lower cost per flyer, we will
contact you and let you know where we are going and you can tell us if you are
interested. In this case, the cost is about 1/2 the price of a single piece.

Ace Flyer
Distribution will drop in homes, businesses or apartments and we never mix them

Let Ace
take care of your particular needs.

Contact Details

100 North Central Expressway, Suite 500
Richardson, TX
Driving Directions

Products & Services

Our services
read moreOur Services Include Both Residential And Commercial

We can
help you reach thousands of potential customers inexpensively.

Since Ace Flyer
Distribution targets both residential and commercial businesses, we
now offer:

- Printing
& Typesetting

- Supervised Crews Tracked By GPS

- Drops As
Low As 1.6 Cents Per Flyer In Some Areas

- Individual Flyer Drops Available
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