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Physical Therapist in Rochester, MN Whether your pain or problem resulted from a sports injury, car accident, work injury, or came on for no reason, our experts in musculoskeletal pain can assist. Doctors specialize, why shouldn't physical therapists? Experience rehabilitation with a therapist who sees your specific problem every day and loves treating it. My hand picked team and I work to reduce your pain speedily. Most importantly, we teach you how to achieve long lasting results.

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read moreTreating running related injuries is our passion. We do more than just tell you to rest and provide exercises. Instead, we aggressively treat your specific injury with our hands on techniques. Using our active approach, most problems can be resolved within three weeks without having to stop running. Shoulder treatment programs at ActivePT are designed to reduce your pain within the first week, and empower you with self-treatment techniques to reduce the chances of your problem returning. Regardless of whether your pain is caused by a car accident, work injury, or sports injury, back and neck pain is debilitating.
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read moreThe excitement, planning, and anticipation of your baby's arrival often blurs any focus on the recovery process after childbirth. When reality hits, and you want to get your body and some "normalcy" back, new mothers are often left feeling unsure of what normal recovery looks like. Learn how to recover easier from the most common issues that can happen after having a baby. New mothers often don't realize how common pain or problems are during the postpartum period. Neck, upper back and lower back pain can plague nursing mothers or those not accustomed to carrying around a baby.
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read moreMany foot, ankle, knee, back and hip problems result from people wearing the wrong shoe for their foot. Your personalized shoe assessment will let you know if you need a stability, cushioned, or neutral shoe, and we will give you suggestions for what brand of shoes you should purchase that fit your budget. As part of your shoe assessment, we can also determine if you need an orthotic to maximize your comfort and lower your risk of injury. Improper shoe choice can lead to pain or problems during your training runs.
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