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Acupuncture & Acupressure in Vacaville, CA Our goal is to assist each person who comes to us enjoy better health, harmony and balance by encouraging the innate healing power nature has endowed to every living creature through the Oriental Medical model. The Nature of this Clinic At Acupuncture Plus, you are treated as a complete, personal being. Every kind of who and what you are is essential. Your physical, mental and spiritual imbalances are considered. This is actually a basic concept in Oriental Medicine - your entire being and condition is observed, not just one ailing part.

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Acupuncture Plus
read moreAcupuncture Plus offers a complete system of Oriental Medicine and acupuncture for all diseases and imbalances. Chinese medicine is a complete medical system that has diagnosed, treated, and prevented illness for over 23 centuries. While it can remedy ailments and alter states of mind, Chinese medicine can also enhance recuperative power, immunity, and the capacity for pleasure, work and creativity. Being informed and understanding what to expect from acupuncture treatment from the beginning will make you feel more comfortable about the experience.
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read moreBy making the decision to train at this school, you've made a choice that will enhance your life and your child's life in ways you've never imagined. Our meticulously organized curriculum is geared toward helping you develop and enhance the following benefits which, if practiced, you'll be able to incorporate into the way you work and interact in the Dj (Japanese for martial arts training hall, literally translated as the "place of the way"), as well as in your workplace, school and home. Our program builds confidence and character by providing each student with control over his or her body and mind; this helps to develop the ability to stand up to peer pressure and other intimidating situations.
read moreSome common questions about acupuncture are answered below. Call us if you have other questions or if you are interested in improving your life through acupuncture treatment. Practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese medicine have used this noninvasive medical system to diagnose and help millions of people get well and stay healthy. An acupuncturist will place fine, sterile needles at specific acupoints on the body. This activates the body's Qi and promotes natural healing by enhancing recuperative power, immunity and physical and emotional health.
read moreAcupuncture is a complete medical system that has been practiced for thousands of years in China and other Asian countries. It is used as a means of treating and preventing disease through the application of needles to the body. It is sound and safe medicine. It is general medicine that is effective in healing a wide range of problems and diseases without side effects. Any condition that you would go to an M.D. for, you may go to an acupuncturist for. It is especially effective for acute or chronic pain, reducing or eliminating the need for pain medication.
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