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Hair Removal in Athens, GA Judy Garland is licensed by the AEA and has been practicing electrolysis for over twelve years. Referrals by respected dermatologists and satisfied customers make up a huge percentage of Judy's business. Customers choose Advanced Electrolysis because of Judy's experience, knowledge, and professionalism. Judy has a passion for electrolysis and has had many customers tell her that their experience with Advanced Electrolysis has changed their lives.

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read moreElectrolysis is the ONLY method approved by the FDA and the AMA for achieving "permanent hair removal." The science of electrology has been in place for over a century with proven permanent results documented in hundreds of scientific articles. Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal option for those with red, blond, gray or white hair. Other hair removal treatments like waxing, threading, and laser treatments are not permanent. These methods leave you returning again and again for additional costly treatments with only temporary results.
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read moreJudy Garland is extremely knowledgeable about hair growth and the permanent removal of hair through electrolysis. After having little success with electrolysis at other places, I came to Judy as my last hope. She was able to complete areas that had never been clear and we are now working on new areas. Having someone who is as good as Judy at electrolysis makes all the difference, not only from a hair removal standpoint but also from a time and financial standpoint. I could not be any happier with my results since going to Advanced Electrolysis.
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